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A day in the Istano Silinduang Month

DAY was still early when the number of people continue to occupy them home pages Gadang Gadih Lord Moon Istano Silunduang Pagarruyung Nagari, Batusangkar, Kecamatan Tanjung Emas, Kab. Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. Saturday was busy, was the final preparation before the duration of the ceremony Sako A Doctoral Degree Ceremony. This traditional heirloom title given by the Sovereignty of Lord King of Pagarruyung H. Sutan Muhammad Taufiq Thaib, S.H. (Sir Muda Mahkota Alam) to nine national leaders, who viewed their work so far has given a big contribution.

Shortly before noon, the guests were arriving. All dressed in traditional clothes, in various shades and the model according to the tribe (clan) of their own. The preacher who is the progenitor community traditional leaders from various tribes, came with their distinctive clothing. Generally dominated by black, yellow gold with domed head (headband) in various forms.

Inside the palace, men-women sat in two separate parts, women on the left and men on the right. At the end of the right side of this palace, sat the Lord King Daulat Nature Pagarruyung H. Sutan Muhammad Taufiq Thaib, S.H. (Sir Muda Mahkota Alam). While at the end of the women, also her sister sat Gadih Lord Pagarruyung (White Reno Raudah Thaib). Both these brothers are heirs of the Kingdom Pagarruyung. Refers to the traditional Minangkabau lineage matrineal, heir to the Kingdom of the highest authority in the party Pagarruyung female line, in this case the White Raudah Thaib Reno. Hence, in a variety of events or royal ceremony, his position had an important place, even as the top court in the hands of her older brother as the Stakeholder Pagaruyung Kingdom.

Had burned

Location Silinduang Month Istano located five kilometers from the city of Batusangkar, which became the capital city of Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra and easily accessible by public transportation. Two kilometers from the Moon Istano Silinduang, there is a burning Pagaruyung Palace before 2007. Istano Development Month Silindang can not be separated from the historical development of Islam in Minangkabau. This palace was established and used for the first time in 1550, in which the establishment interpreted as signifying the beginning of the year according to the calculation of Hijri calendar, and the entry into force of Islamic law in the Kingdom of Pagarruyung.

But, visit Istano Silinduang Moon, will not we find a vast complex of pages with the marquee, the defense, the guards, let alone the ward of the courtiers. The palace is situated right on the street, in the middle of the township residents without a high wall like a typically towering castle. While the palace was only fenced with high iron 1, 5 meters, like most houses in the surrounding population. In fact, just across from the palace there lepau (coffee shop), as well as on the left gate. "Do not imagine Pagaruyung Kingdom with the understanding as it exists in Java," said Hadi Wisran writers, the husband of White Raudah Thaib Reno. This is due to the position in the middle kingdom Pagarruyung Minangkabau society, not having any power in government administration. But is related to Minangkabau adat.

Tourism object

As a tourist attraction, entertain Month Istano Silinduang a landscape architecture Minangkabau Rumah Gadang interesting. This palace-size 28 x 8 feet square, in the form of House Gadang Minangkabau architecture known as Alang Babega style. There are seven gonjong on the roof of the building. On either side of the front of the palace, was a pair rangkiang (rice or leuit said the Sundanese) is named Bayau-Si and Si bayau Review Lauik. The whole surface of the walls of the palace is decorated with sculptures and a beautiful carved with motifs of flora, flowers, and plants. All the carvings and motifs dominated by white, black, yellow, and red. In some parts seemed too circle mirror shiny, reflecting the sunlight. "Once the mirror is not used, but diamonds," said Hadi Wisran.

While in the palace's main building, there are four bedrooms or cubicles. At the right end and left the room there are two anjuang (pavilion). Right Anjuang named Golden Anjuang that serves as a position or a throne king Rajo. While Silver Anjuang the left is for the lord Gadih.

The scene in the palace, filled with ornamental cloth which is dominated by yellow, red, and black. According to the White Reno, fabric ornaments is a trace of the influence of Persian culture that had entered the Minangkabau. One interesting thing is the wooden poles of the building, which relies entirely on the main mast or the so-called Pancang Tuo.

Staring overall Istano Silinduang part in the Moon, was how the court is more a meeting place of the traditional than the palace where the king ruled. Likewise, the entire palace complex, which does not separate himself from the society around him. From the back of the palace curry fragrant smell. Some women and men are busy cooking. Several large skillet, firewood, and buffalo meat. Amid all that activity, more Istano Silinduang Moon appears as a large family houses rather than palaces

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