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South Solok region are some of Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) could serve as nature tourism

* Fauna such as Sumatran tigers, gibbons,
* Various kinds of birds and other animals.
* Flora like: Flowers Raflesia, Angrek.
* Tours of nature such as Leap Waterfall, Waterfall
* Sei. Talang, Hill and Lake Buntak.
* Tour culture: historic places,
* Traditional Minang Village Kabau etc..



Mount that has reached + height of 3805 m above sea level is rising among the hills surrounding their own. So stunning mountain many inspiring us to make adventures to learn more about the wealth of various flora and fauna. Mount Kerinci is the highest mountain in Indonesia.

Location: Located diperbatasan Kab. South Solok Regency. Kerinci

Waterfall TIMBULUN

This waterfall has a height of about 15 m, which is the flow of the river Batang Liki. The location of this waterfall is very strategic, because it is located on the right path-Labuh Raya Muara Padang Aro.

Location: Located in Nagari Lubuk Gadang + 2 km from the Capital City District (Padang Aro) and + 161 km from the capital city of Province (Padang).


Waterfall with a height of 20 m is located in Kota Baru, Sungai Allocation District. This waterfall consists of 7 levels. The beauty of the landscape created by this waterfall is put into the water causing continuous thunder and dew that makes semburuh cool. Moreover, supported by an unspoiled condition and still needs development.

Location: Located in Jorong Birah Nagari Koto Koto Baru Sungai Allocation District. About + 2.5 km of roadway Pekan Muara Labuh Tuesday, and + 30 km from Padang Aro.


Waterfall with a height of 20 m, there is in the area bordered by palm oil plantation rubber plantation owned by the people. Approximately 100 m of this waterfall is an empty stretch of land with an area of approximately + 2 hectares. This land is provided for the camp. From this location we can see the view of rows of the hills memgelilingi palm plantation crop area that makes beautiful nature there.

Location: Located in Nagari Sungai Turmeric, District Sangir Jujuan, + 27 km from the Capital District (Padang Aro) and + 190 km from the Capital Province (Padang). Can travel with the vehicle wheel 2 (two) or 4 wheels (four).


Rafting activities in the beginning of stem Liki with current conditions quite hard and rocky that there is on either side of the river, then switch to Rafting Sangir.Arus Batang Batang Sangir heavy known as the current challenging enough for the Pengemar Rafting Sports . This is due to the difficulty level is high enough that bergradien five. Rafting trip ends in Batang Hari River.

Location: Found in the Nagari Lubuk Gadang, located in Batang Liki Jorong HAVE (+ 3 km from Padang Aro, + 160 km from Padang), located in Batang Sangir Jorong Sampu (+ 2 km from Padanjg Aro, + 165 km from Padang). This watershed flows into the River bar in Nagari Day Ulung deep-Aling (+ 79 km from the field Aro, + 242 km from Padang).

Waterfall barracks KERINCI PARTNER 4

Waterfall 2 (two) level which has a height of about 20 m this is God's grace is invaluable. Before we get to kelokasi first waterfall we will disunguhi view the expanse of verdant tea gardens. Kelokasi to go we will not be too difficult because the path towards the waterfall has been opened.

Location: Situated on the River waving, Nagari Lubuk Gadang, District Sangir, precisely in the area of Kerinci Partners tea garden, about 8 Km from the capital city of South Solok, Padang Aro.

Waterfall SULITI ULU

Waterfall with a height of 40 m located on the border of South Solok and Solok. Waterfall is the highest in South Solok regency. To reach to this location, we had to walk 5 Km far from the border with South Solok Solok District.

Location: Located in Ulu Jorong Suliti, Nagari Feed Rabaa, District Koto Gadang Diateh skelter, about 55 Km from the capital city of South Solok, Padang Aro


Megalir water is above the sunken rocks, so that we can surf on the flow. To reach to this location we can use the vehicle or wheel Two Wheels Four.

Location: Located in the River Lubuk Gadang waved Nagari, Sagir District. About 8 Km from the capital city of Padang Aro.

Waterfall LEAF BAR

Waterfall is the height of approximately 15 Km.

Location: Located in New Nagari Sungai Taratak Turmeric, District Sangir Jujuan.

Waterfall LAMBE
Waterfall is behind the Hill

Location: Located in Nagari Wood Pinti Jorong Feed Rabaa, Koto district skelter Gadang In Ateh, kuraang over 55 Km from Mother

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