Monday, October 12, 2009

Mentawai, Heaven World Surfing in Sumatra

Indonesia has the world's marine wealth. Perhaps this statement is often touted as most sovereign territory of Indonesia is the sea. But not many people know about the Indonesia maritime country's great potential in addition to the field of fisheries and coastal tourism. Indonesia has around 600,000 square kilometers of coral reef areas and is the country with the largest area of coral reefs in the world.

Still on the reef, Indonesia has Takabonerate Islands in South Sulawesi, which is a cluster of coral atolls in the world's third largest after Kwajifein atoll in Marshall Islands and the Maldives Islands Suvadiva. Ocean waters around Indonesia also has a recognized potential in the international community. Sea in the Mentawai Islands, by the water surfing organizations designated as a place that has the third best wave after Hawaii and Tahiti.

Mentawai Islands is a district in West Sumatra Province. Mentawai located at a distance of 150 km off the coast of Sumatra Island. District 601 km ² area is inhabited by 64,235 people, mostly indigenous people. Mentawai Islands consists of 213 islands with 4 main islands of Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai and South Pagai. Capital in the Old Pejat, Mentawai District is divided into 4 districts and 40 villages.

Until now, most of the land area is still a Kepulaun Mentawai forests. Having been through a long geological history, Mentawai has several endemic species that are protected. Noted there twenty endemic species that live in these islands. Four of which are primates, namely Simakobu pigs or monkeys (Simias concolor), Kloss's Gibbon or dwarf siamang (Hylobates klossii), Joja or leaf monkey Mentawai (Presbytis potenziani), Bokkoi or monkey Mentawai (Macaca Siberut).

To protect the existence of these endemic species, half of the area has been designated as the Mentawai Siberut National Park. The presence of National Park and the lush rain forest on the islands directly support a variety of life on the beach and the sea, including the tourism sector. So far, many tourists who come to enjoy the many attractions in the coastal areas are also very impressed by the originality and keasrian Mentawai forests.

Mentawai Islands have a coastline 758 km. The main potential of the waves of the Mentawai Islands is rolling and very suitable to be turned into water surfing (surfing). Mentawai Islands potential of this began to unfold when in the mid 90's, some surfers from Australia to visit and see the waves that they never thought was in the Mentawai. The surfer was eventually disseminate findings and some of them even founded several beach resorts to serve foreign tourists who want to surf in the Mentawai.

Geographical position of the Mentawai Islands off the coast of West Sumatra distinct benefits for tourism development of extreme sports. Located directly Ocean Facing the Mentawai Islands granted consistent waves all year round. Time between April to August which coincided with summer holidays in Europe is the best time for surfing.

In that season, Mentawai waves can reach six feet tall and this is the most sought after by surfers water. Mentawai Islands has recorded a 400 point often made surfing surfing locations by the surfer. 400 points from surfing, has 23 points including international waves. The area is spread among others in the Nyang-Nyang, Coral Bajat, Karoniki, Pananggelat and Mainuk (Pulau Siberut), Katiet Basua (Sipoira Island) and North Pagai (Sikakap Island).

The recognition given by the international world of the waves can be seen from the Mentawai surfing event held in these islands. Each year, Mentawai appointed as the executor Surfing World Champions Championship Series or World Series is scheduled Surfing Water every month in August. With this championship, 3000 Mentawai can net foreign tourists in 2007. As many as 60% of yangdatang tourists from Australia, 39% of the United States, and the rest of Europe, and Asia. Each tourist spends an average of U.S. $ 2500 for a surf in the Mentawai.

To ensure the comfort and safety of the surfers, managers and local governments held several supporting facilities. Facilities supporting the most significant is the establishment of 60 exclusive surf spots scattered in various corners of the island. Exclusive surf spot is where the surfing is limited to a maximum of 10 people wearer. This is to avoid accidents that may occur when the crash when surfers in action.

In addition to an exclusive set surf spot, the manager also established beach resorts and various other support facilities for the convenience of tourists mejamin. Among the resort in the Mentawai Islands, there are the names include Macaroni Silabu Island, Kandui in Nyang Nyang Island, Mentawai Saraina City, and Alloyta in Simakakang Island, and Surfing Ground in Katiet. Besides nuanced resort lodging, restaurants, bars, special designed Mentawai.

Currently, Mentawai can be accessed through two channels of the sea and air lines., Mentawai can be achieved by fast boat for 4 hours or inter-island ferry selama10 hours. Also available 46 mini cruise ships can be rented during your stay in the Mentawai. Having had closed in March 1999, flight from Padang to Mentawai route reopened pad 2007. Flight Minangkabau Airport-Airport Rokot the 35-minute travel time is served every Tuesday and Thursday by the Sabang Merauke Air Charter.

Please enjoy your self at mentawai island,and feel to live close to the native tribes there

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