Saturday, October 10, 2009

Several places in 1000 Island

Some islands / attractions to be visited:
Scout Island, Pulau Semak Daun, Coconut Island and Island Grill: Seeing the turtle breeding, animal observation and marine tourism.
Scout Island, Opak Island, Reef Island Congkak. Wreck diving boats are sinking.
Long Island, Island Princess, Island and Island Rainbow Silver: nautical tourism which is managed by the private sector.
Ant Island, Reef Island Congkak, Kroja Reef Island, Pulau Kotok Besar, Kotok Kecil Island and Island Gosong Match: For diving and snorkeling activities.

November to February each year with frequent large waves (dangerous), and not so good weather usually occurs in May to August.

Season best visit: March to May every year.

How to reach the Park: From Marina Jaya Ancol every day there is a special board to serve visitors who want to see objects marine tourism, with travel time between 1-2 hours. Or from the island of Muara Angke Scouts using fery boat about 2.5 hours.

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