Friday, October 9, 2009


Try to walk through the old town area called Kampung Padang China, located in the south of the central business and commercial city of Padang. In this Chinese village starting from Jl Hiligoo continue south to Jl and Jl Pondok Commerce you will find old houses owned by Chinese families who built in the early last century. Kampung Muara At the southern end of Jl Niaga, turn right, you'll find Jl Batang Arau river searching Batang Arau. This road will take you to the village of Muara through a row of small boats anchored in Batang Arau River. On the side of the road was a row of old warehouses that more than a century old. This small port area had never experienced the glory in the 1920s, when the production of coffee from West Sumatra reached its peak.

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