Saturday, March 27, 2010

My ancient city at Semarang

With the famous harbor since the Dutch, Semarang is an ideal city as a gateway to other cities in Central Java. Loading and unloading activities occur at the port of Tanjung Emas Semarang to then transported to other cities. No wonder if then Semarang better known as the Transit City than City Tours. And Semarang save so much uniqueness to be enjoyed and objects that can be visited. As the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang is the center of industry, trade and government who regulate the city and 34 other districts. So naturally when the city has a range of facilities to better and more complete than any other city in Central Java. With the unique geologic forms that are rarely found in other cities, Semarang as divided into two climate regions with hot and cool. Hot climate are happening because the city of Semarang coastal area which is lowland. The cool climate was obtained as part of Semarang on the slopes of the mountain Ungaran. Semarang is known as an industrial city and business. But that does not mean Semarang do not have places of interest to historic buildings such as dikunjungi.Ada Tugu Muda. This monument was built as a monument to commemorate the heroism of Semarang fighters against Japanese invaders. Then there is the Church which is Blenduk Dutch heritage. Such museums Ronggowarsito Museum, Museum theater Bakti, Nyonya Meneer Museum, Museum Jamu Jago and Muri. In addition to the ancient buildings, Semarang also has tourist attractions to play for the kids, Wonderia and Majapahit Palace. For those who like to see the beauty of nature, there Kreo Goa, Agro Tourism Sodong, Lele Park tourism village. Currently in Semarang is also under construction Zoo more complete and great. And the newly completed renovation of Sam Poo Kong temple, this building is very beautiful, because it is the combination of Chinese ornament very thick coupled with a similar roof forms joglo. To support the needs of tourists, Semarang hotel also been prepared from the cheapest to the hotel berbintang.Transportasi easy and convenient, ready to travel agents travel guide for tourists. If a visit to Semarang, do not forget the typical food, fish and presto wingko tripe.

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