Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parks Butterfly Conservation in Curug

You will see Park Butterfly Conservation, a dome-shaped building giant nets. If you want to go into this place, tickets sold at the price of Rp 5000, -. Here is the place dikembangbiakan butterflies. Officers there that will explain the process of metamorphosis of a butterfly, showing the egg, caterpillar or chrysalis in this conservation garden. Officers also kindly explain species of butterfly from the caterpillar that is well answered various questions raised visitors. Place to increase the knowledge of your child is still small. You can see for yourself butterfly flying or perched on the flowers or leaves of plants there. Only at certain seasons, butterflies here are not too many. This enclosure is made to resemble a flower garden and the relationship of the other plants to beautify the place.

Butterfly Park is still very simple, and are closed (in cage) the shape of a half ball (dome). To go to this park, visitors pay a ticket is Rp 3,000 / person. Unfortunately the occupant was not so much, just a finger in a matter of course that looks fly. And there is a kind of butterflies that attempt landed on my hands, pretty interesting. A few meters from the dome there is a laboratory breeding butterflies, namely as a place to put a butterfly eggs and find food from a variety of flowering plants. Here we can study the stages of the process of transformation of the butterfly's body is called metamorphosis. It's a process that is extraordinary. Starting from eggs that hatch into larvae (caterpillars), and then turn into pupa (cocoon). And after a while from the cocoons will be out of a butterfly. According to Joseph, laboratory staff and park guards butterflies, that there are 12 types of successful breeding in this place.

To support the butterfly's life, at this location are also available different kinds of plants and flowers angrek, among others: soka flowers, beautiful homeland, betel woods, lady chewing betel nut, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattleya, Phailus, Xandra, and so the total approximately 100 of the species.

Family park
In addition to landscapes, here are also available a variety of exciting facilities, such as: a guest house accommodations with rates between Rp 600,000 - Rp 800,000 per day. Berkontruksi guest house which can accommodate timber between 15 - 20 people. While for those who want to camp outdoors, camping equipment are also available, equipped with toilet facilities and Mushola. Regarding security, not to worry because 24-hour guarded by Civil Defense and the population around. They already understand the importance of visitors to the prosperity of the villagers sekitarny

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