Monday, October 5, 2009

Pelabuhan Ratu - a mysterious place for queen

Pelabuhan Ratu, and Jakarta is about 130 kilometers. You will not regret the journey long enough to reach this enchanting area. Beautiful beaches, sea foods tempting. A queen will surely enjoy a visit to Pelabuhan Ratu, like you, too, of course.

Getting There
You can use public transportation, but you should rent a car.

Where to Stay
There are many hotels and inns in this area. Choose which according to your taste and pocket.


Kakilah walk while enjoying the beach atmosphere.


Choose a restaurant that offers a variety of seafood. You can also select and buy fish, shrimp, squid, crabs in short, all the raw materials from the sea, and then ask for a restaurant cook for you.

Dining Guide

Fresh seafood, or other souvenir T-shirts or hats.

Things to See or Do

* Walking along the beach
* Swim
* Visit TPI fish auction place to buy fresh seafood at low cost
* Playing on the beach building sandcastles or collect shellfish really fun to do!
* Visit the hot spring Cisolok
* Hunting durian fruit and tropical fruit of the other.


- Take an Igloo for storing fresh seafood is not cooked.

- Durian has a sharp smell which may not be liked by everyone.

- Bring permenmint or mouthwash-gargle to remove the smell of durian in the mouth.

- Bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes.

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