Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enjoy Silent place at Moyo Island

Though small, quiet island but has a natural richness of this remarkable, managed to attract some "major" caliber Lady Diana and Mick Jagger for a vacation. Moyo Island, a small island located in the northern island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Seeing the beauty of the beach, sea and nature, it offers peace for lovers of nature and beauty of the sea.

To reach Moyo Island is easy. Traveling by car can be taken from Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari, a coastal village located about 20 km north of Sumbawa Besar. Or if you do not want to bother, Hotel Tambora and Kencana Beach Hotel in Sumbawa Besar, can arrange trips to the island. Ai Bari which means Samawa in salt water, a poor fishing village facilities, but from the people Samawa, Bajo and Bugis who inhabit this area, very friendly.

Ai trip from Bari to Moyo Island can be taken for about 15 minutes by speedboat, or use ketinting ship. One fisherman who always provide this transportation is Mr. Lahi who are used to receiving foreign visitors, often written in a guidebook!

Moyo Island has a height variation from 0-648 m above sea level. As a marker still lestarinya island area approximately 30,000 hectares of this, hundreds of butterflies will be seen from behind the bushes, trees or in the middle of the desert savanna. The island is also inhabited by 21 species of bats, birds, Macaque, wild pigs, deer and snakes. The natural conditions are still very natural, not advisable to enter the island without a guide. Because there is a possibility to get lost. "But strangely enough, every time there is a lost, would still find a way out myself. I do not know" escorted "by a bird or a butterfly," said Mr. Maman, one of the guides here. According to him again, "residents" (read: supernatural beings) forest in Moyo Island is not disruptive.

When you visit this island, we can see the beauty of unspoiled nature. Beautiful forests and almost untouched, waterfalls and natural rivers, and the beauty of the endless sea. In addition to hiking in the woods, along rivers and waterfalls, a cave that can be reached on foot, can be an alternative activity. One of them is the cave of Ai Manis to be achieved with a little rock climbing. This cave is where the breeding hundreds of bats. In addition, other activities you can do is trekking for two hours that can be started from Labuan Haji, to the waterfalls Brang Rea (Big River), located in the middle of the island.

Moyo Island is also a "paradise" for bird lovers. 124 species of birds found in Sumbawa, 86 species of which are located on this island. Rare bird species can also be found here. Among them is the Cockatoo and Yellow-headed birds Gosong. The last bird, was unique because it relies on plants and twigs to produce heat during the egg incubation period.

If you want to snorkel or dive, the area around the island offers a variety of underwater beauty that is equally interesting. Marine park soft coral formations and beautiful hardware, can be found also sponge (sponge) and crustaceans. A Dutch tourist who happened to have just finished snorkeling, share experiences. "Last time I was snorkeling and saw a small shark swimming around the coast of Ai Manis. And in the neighborhood, the view was beautiful reefs. I also saw an eel," said Karsten, these tourists.

Moyo Island also offers natural beauty under the sea. Almost the entire island surrounded by reefs that are still in good condition and not damaged. Shark with a length approximately two meters, anemones, pelagic, eels, groupers and even manta, all there. If you want to dive, you can do so at around Medang Island, which is located in the Northwest Moyo Island. You can contact the Blue Lagoon Resort is located on the outskirts of Sumbawa Besar. Cruises from Bali, Lombok or even abroad often make a stopover in the island. Pcrjalanan usually stop in Moyo Island and Satonda Island, a tiny island in the northeast of the island of Moyo who has salt water lake in the middle of the island.

Besides out of reach of domestic tourists, promotion of the island of Moyo is still very little. For a vacation here, take the time and funds availability is pretty good. However, if there is a desire to see a small part of the beauty of this country, Moyo Island is one place worth a visit. "If it happened to be lucky, you can see a group of flying fish," said Mr. Lahi, pointing to a group of flying fish which were jumping from the water onto the surface.

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