Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surfing like dancing in above ocean wave

BODY-body seemed to sink the waves rolled. A moment later, came back. Momentarily lost, and reappear. Once again and again until surfboard tidal wave washed ashore.
After that, they swam to the middle of watching the movement of water. At the time the waves came, they immediately looked up on a surfboard again. They also drove like dancing guliran wave that followed took him to the coast.

Preoccupation with the surfers or surfers, so the audience surfing or surfing was commonly known, easily found on the beach hamlet Torokaikbelek, Sapah Montong village, about 45 km south of the capital Praya Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The area was quiet, remote. Only the sound waves that wrap the southern coast of this village atmosphere.

To get there just a dirt road with many flights are enough for passing cars. The road was flanked by rice fields, hills, gardens, and forests. There is no public transport there, so visitors must bring their own vehicle. But the lack of public transport was not a problem for them.

"For surfers, where there are good waves for surfing would be hunted," said Pariama Hutasoit, Surf Time Magazine Bali, about fanaticism'' 'them to get the location of the exciting surfing.

That is, they do not count the difficulty to reach the location. A number of popular surfing locations around the world are already equipped with a proper tourism infrastructure. NTB quiet hamlet on the front still have to wait for the time and opportunity to work on an important part of the tourism network in Indonesia. Yet there anyway just foreign tourists who enjoy the adventure of the waves there.

According to Harry, observers and surfer who lives in Bali, Indonesia is a popular surfing destination with a wave throughout the year. Image is built through a variety of ways, mainly because of the world, published by surfing the object print and audiovisual media, as well as diimbuh with stories from mouth to mouth.

In addition to being ideal tourists, Bali is very attractive to surfers and those who want to do business surfing equipment. The existence of the contest each year, many brand accessories, clothing, shoes, or hats that are sold and worn the young, is evidence of surfing in memasyarakatnya's Island of the Gods.

According to Matt Scarff, instructor Bali Learn to Surf in Bali, is a busy day during the school holidays and summer tourist traffic that usually fill the time with surfing short courses.

Uluwatu beach, south of Denpasar, Bali, general surfing event tourists who come from around the world. Waves here shaped tunnel (tubes) and the long wall (long walls), which broke out on the rocks, warm and clean, which is favored by surfers.

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