Friday, November 13, 2009

Menyawakan Island

Menyawakan Island is a small island located in the Java Sea. The island is one of the 27 islands included in Karimun Jawa, Jepara, Central Java. It takes approximately 30 minutes for Yuk Melancong team to get to the island. During the trip, we were treated to the view that mangrove forests are still unexploited.

On the island there is an inn Menyawakan called Kura Kura Resort. Around 20 rooms with varying types and prices available at this place. In addition, there are also various water sports activities, fishing, jet skiing, and snorkeling. Its location is remote and hidden making it the perfect resort as a place to retreat.

Fishing facilities on the island Menyawakan complete enough. Visitors can be delivered by speed boat if you want to lure to the sea. In certain seasons, the tourists are lucky to get the swordfish which reached 60 centimeters in length.

Menyawakan Island is a paradise for lovers of the sea. Those who want to see the life of marine animals and plants, can dive. These activities can be done in shallow water and deep. The enchantment of the sea can be seen when visitors dive into the sea.

For those visitors who want to see the beauty of dusk. Kura Kura Resort prepares terrace bungalows. Lodging is deliberately making it all the bungalows facing west to give guests the opportunity to watch the sunset or sunset freely. Location was only 15 meters from the beach.

Day activities would make you tired and hungry. But do not be afraid, Kura Kura Resort is preparing the evening meal that inspires a sense, such as grilled fish and lobster. Accompanied by gusts of wind that night, we ate it ravenously. Hmmmm delicious

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