Friday, November 13, 2009

Story of Backpacking to Karimun Jawa Island

Indonesia is an area dubbed the Thousand Islands State because it has so many beautiful island that stretches from east to west. And lucky again in Indonesia Coral Triangle (The Coral Triangle) with the privilege of marine biodiversity. Where the natural beauty of the underwater Indonesia has invited local and foreign travelers to enjoy both the diving or just snorkeling.

Last weekend I was just traveling backpacker-style community with global travelers. I joined the community in the call by Travelers for Travelers is a community of friends who like adventure and a visit to the new territories and attractive with the advanced low-budget trip. If you want to join please visit his website here.

Trip we did was to visit the island of Karimun Java who has a beautiful beach and coral to coral. I do early departure from the city of Jogjakarta where I live domicile to Semarang. From Jogjakarta we can take a bus to the executive or the economy of Semarang. If you are an executive bus then you will be among Sampi k City, but if you take the bus you will be a transit economy in Magelang to exchange bus to Semarang and Semarang reached only to the terminal stop and not enter Tromboyo k town. Economic price difference and the Executive not more than 10 thousand dollars. So that option.

Up in Semarang first I have to stay for the next day to Port jepara that in the travel approximately 2 hours. Boarded a mini bus with 11 thousand tariff heading east to treat morning round, the bright orange sun. Arriving at my Jepara terminal and team up with the pedicab rickshaw rates per 10 thousand to the port. She exclaimed masons becaknya race.

Jepara to the port and then buy a ticket. We boarded the ship at 9 am fery economy class with 28,500 including tax rates. Travel in the travel approximately 6 hours if the water calm and 7 hours if the waves. Ferry ship departs 2 times a week from Jepara. means 2 times a week as well as Karimun. But It's fast jugakapal with 2-hour travel time to Karimun with starting point at the port of Semarang. and the rate of about 100an individuals. This quick ship schedule according to the information about 2 times a month.

Arriving in the Karimun Java, so the beauty of the beach to greet us. A beautiful beach scene with rows of coconut trees that towered as neatly lined up, waving greetings encounter. We arrived around 4 pm and directly at the hotel to pick up on the reservation who had earlier. Hotel is comfortable and clean but cheap "backpacker gitu loh" is the name of his hotel Hotel Ambassador Karimun and the hotel owner's name is Mr. Iponk (hp: 08122827007). 75rb tariff is staying for one night. Rate the hotel you can also add kl Mesén to turn on the AC in additional 25rb. After all backpack into each room, our evening around sempatkan around the countryside hunting Karimun and Karimun sunset at the pier while fishing with the kids. Adhan reverb and all the team back to the hotel. There we rested wait until tomorrow morning, waiting to conduct maritime adventure tours around the island of Karimun.

In the morning before starting the activity, at about 5 am we were shooting the sunrise at the Karimun pelabuahan ferry parking places. But if we want to find a place to hunt the beautiful sunrise there was a place called Marina. A beautiful place with a direct view of tree lined beaches and palm trees and beaches dotted around the lips with coral ornaments Conditioning towering beauty. And of course the morning sun exposure weed beach width.

Hunting after sunrise, the team was ready to conduct exploration of the island by renting a motor boat with a capacity of 30 people with approximately 900 daily rental rb. The islands we visited for the eksplore is Little Pine Island, the island of Menjangan Menjangan Kecil and Besar.

Journey to Little Pine Island traveled with about 45 minutes. So during the trip, you can all Sunbathing on the boat because the morning sun is good for the body. Little Pine Island dalah a beautiful small island with white sand and sea water with a low base so it is very convenient if we want to swim here. About an hour we were swimming and snorkeling beach on this island. Coral-a lush coral habitats makes me feel really enjoy the underwater scenery which I first did. And of course we capture with beautiful photographs of coral.

Little Pine Island we headed to the island of Menjangan is no less beautiful. The ship stopped a bit at sea and at anchor. Once again we will enjoy the beautiful underwater world. This time in the sea bottom so that friends can not swim just waiting on the ship. My pocket with waterproof cameras can not wait to jump (basic aer son), to enjoy the underwater beauty. This time the coral-coral that there is more beautiful and more varied. Buildings seem civilization underwater city with the beauty stakes merekahkan coral reefs flowers colorful tersibukkan by the noise and crowd the urban population of diverse types, colors and shapes. Distracted and terlamun long chat with the people and civilization under the sea I kagetkan by P in the guide which Judge patted my shoulder and led back to the ship. When lifted my gaze to the sky was heavy rain hit. And I know why P Judge me back. Wow, Enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world was really made me momentarily forget the sky.

It was noon, and all must break for lunch. We docked at a small Menjangan. There are several luxury resorts if they want to live there you must ngeluarin pocket 320 a night * mahalllll ... .. indeed a beautiful place with white sand and a really strategic, but we only stopped for lunch. And of course while jeprat-snap.

After lunch we headed to the final destination of stopover Menjangan Besar. On this island is the breeding place of sharks and sea turtle conservation. Manariknya here we can swim with the ria sharks who are used to swimming with humans. But my advice not to swim with the sharks when they're hungry. Hahaha. Swimming with sharks and riding a giant turtle is an experience you should do if you go there.

After the afternoon, we all have to go back to the hotel. And exploration of this day must end. Unfortunately this is our last day. Yet there are still many places that have not tereksplore in Karimun Island is beautiful. There are many places coral-beautiful coral islands. The next morning before leaving for a while we stopped at a place called Marina for hunting sunrise. Strategic places facing east with the rocks and putting up tall palm trees that lined looks beautiful with the sun rays bounce-east in the morning. So soothing. But I go because eventually g in the toilet when to leave, so the living easy.

"It is a beautiful experience in my life say forgotten. And has a beautiful engraved in my mind the beauty of the island and underwater nature. At some point I will return to this place to chat with other islands to go back to enjoy their beauties. Karimun Java ... wait for me, because I'll be back ^ _ ^ "

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