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Ranau lake

LAKE Ranau district covers an area of District Court of Appeal of South OKU (formerly included in the area Ogan Komering Ulu). Is about 342 km from Palembang, 130 km from Baturaja, and 50 kilometers from Muara Dua, the capital of South OKU, with the distance to the car for about 7 hours from Palembang.

While from Bandar Lampung, this lake can be gone through Bukit Kemuning and Liwa. Geographically, the lake is located on the border of South OKU District of South Sumatra Province and West Lampung District, Lampung Province.

Broad Lake Ranau approximately 8 × 16 km with the background of Mount Seminung (± 1880 m altitude above sea level), surrounded by hills and valleys. In the cool night air and daytime temperatures in the range 20 ° - 26 ° Celsius. Located on the position of 4 ° 51'45 "south and longitude 103 ° 55'50" east longitude.

Geographically, the topography of the lake is hilly berlembah Ranau, Ranau lake making a cool weather. There are several kinds of fish live in lakes, among others mujair, kepor, kepiat, and harongan.

Scenery around Lake Ranau is amazing. Apaladi in the middle of the lake is the island called Pulau Marisa. There were also a source of hot water. As a tourist destination, this region rich in potential for supporting the object is still there like a waterfall to the resort.


According to the story, the lake was created from a large earthquake and volcanic eruption of the volcano that makes a big basin. Major rivers that formerly flowed at the foot of the volcano and into the main water source to fill the hollow. Gradually the big hole filled with water.

Around the lake overgrown with lush bush by the local people called Ranau. So it was a lake called Lake Ranau. Rest of the volcano Mount Seminung now standing firm on the edge of the lake water is clear.

On the other hand in the mountains there are Seminung hot springs from the bottom of the lake. In the vicinity of this lake can also be found Subik waterfall. Another interesting place to visit is the island of Marisa.

Marisa Island was a separate land from the foot of Mount Seminung because the lake water. In the vast land no more than one hectare, there coconut trees, and visitors can just drop by to enjoy the beauty of that piece of land.

Lake Ranau does have charm. How not? Former volcanic eruptions such as the natural platform to form beautiful nan. Seminung towering mountain at 1880 meters above sea level into the background with shades of magic. Cliffs and hills to the line fence that grand stage.

Green paddy field mixed with water-blue Lake Ranau as a platform where various kinds of fish swimming. Grains of red coffee seemed to be a beauty sweeteners. Elegance that is complete with a beautiful frame and pebble beaches of white sand along the shore.

Lake Ranau area has not worked in earnest. Be developed for tourism promotion is the district government (Pemkab) Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatra, through Lake Ranau Festival has not provoked the most of investor interest. Promotions are encouraged by the Government of West Lampung District through any Setabas Bay Festival has yet to bring in investment.

Lake Ranau from the Ogan Komering South Ulu and Liwa, Lampung Barat, are equally beautiful. Tourists want to go back there, even if only by boat or simply enjoy the waves. Enchantment Lake Ranau still invite the desire to come back.

Visitors who do not like to spend time boating with the rest in the inn. At the edge of Lake Ranau there are several inns, namely Seminung Lumbok Resort, Kotabatu the Appeal Court, and the cottage PT Pusri in Sukamarga.

In tourist areas, there are also additional objects for visitors, ie hot water with his own uniqueness, because flows directly from the holes in the cliffs. Hot water containing high levels of sulfur is located in Hot Springs Village at the foot of Mount Seminung. The location just across from the cottage owned by PT Pusri in Sukamarga. Travel by motor boat to the location of Sukamarga hot water is only about 20 minutes.

Visitors can come by anytime and enjoy the hot water that had never been pouring from the bowels of the earth. While motor boating on the lake with hot water purposes, the beauty of Lake Ranau charm was incredibly powerful. The waves are not too large, clear blue water, and natural charm of the surrounding mountains, will give a lasting impression for visitors.

Hot water at the edge of Lake Ranau streamed directly from the crevices of Mount Seminung feet. When the foot immersed the water flow, direct heat oppressive. Visitors do not just bathe in warm water. Hot water is believed to cure various skin diseases.

For visitors who do not bathe, they can enjoy the beauty of the lake around the hot water to sit in the shop or the pier. A number of food stalls available at that location, adjacent to the hot water pool. In these shops sold the natural result Mountain Seminung, especially avocado and petai.


Tourist attractions in the area of West Lampung Lombok is located in the village. Here have been built include an integrated tourist area hotel, where the captive deer and others. Home residents also used as a place to stay tourists, so they could feel at home onstage.

Residents around the lake follow the many stories that tell the origin of Lake Ranau. Although the scientific theory of the lake is believed to have resulted from tectonic earthquakes, such as Lake Toba in North Sumatra and West Sumatra Lake Maninjau in most communities still believe in this lake comes from the fig tree. It is said that, in the middle of the lake has become a fig tree grows very large black.

It is said that people from various areas such as Ogan, Krui, Libahhaji, MUARADUA, Histories, gathered around the tree. They got word if you want to get water, to cut down the fig tree. Communities from different regions gathered to bring food as sagon, rice crust, and other foods.

Just as going to cut down trees, people confused how to cut it. When it appeared a bird on top of the tree said residents should make a tool shaped like human feet. They make use of stone tools with wooden handles. Finally, the fig tree was uprooted.

From the holes that the fig tree out of the water and eventually expanded to form a lake. While the fig tree which then formed the cross Seminung Mountain. Because of anger, the genie in Mount Pesagi spit up a hot water near Lake Ranau. While fragments of rock and soil due to the collapse of a fig tree in the hills surrounding the lake.

Still on the side of Lake Ranau, precisely in Pekon Sukabanjar, across the Lombok, there are graves that are believed to society as a tomb The Bitter Tongue and Four Eyes. Grave both located in the garden named Maimunah Sukabanjar citizens. To go to the location, other than a motor boat ride from Lombok, could also drive.

According to the cemetery caretaker, H Haskia, here there are two large stones. One stone on my stomach is believed to be the tomb of the Bitter Tongue, and a tomb stone stands as Four Eyes. The bitter tongue called Sakti Serunting of Majapahit Kingdom. Because it is bad, the bitter tongue whose original name was Raden Sukma Jati by the king banished to Sumatra. Finally, he settled in Bengkulu, Pagaralam, and Lampung.

The bitter tongue has its own advantages, namely what dikemukakannya each granted to stone. As a result, Four Eyes from India looking to meet in Lampung, precisely in the Confessing Way. On the Way Confessing both confessed to each other's name. Then, the two collided toughness.

One does is eat the fruit shaped like a palm. It turned out that abstinence from sugar palm fruit for the Bitter Tongue. Because eating, he was killed. While The Four Eyes who had heard tongue The tongue is poisonous bitter disbelief and try to lick it. Finally, he was killed. Event, according to the narrative Haskia H, happened in Pulau Pisang. Then, his tomb was found at the edge of Lake Ranau.

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