Friday, December 4, 2009

Kotok Island

Kotok Island is an example of a tropical atoll island with pristine vegetation, crystal clear sea and rock formations, colorful so that the main objective of the divers. The island also as a place to bird conservation of the Scaly-breasted eagle mascot province of DKI Jakarta. Kotok Island can be reached by speed boat is only 90 minutes from Marina Ancol. Kotok Island is an island that has a natural feel so charming. There are still many serperti forest trees, but neatly arranged. In Kotok island is a tourist destination for tourists who want to travel to enjoy the beauty of the sea, or nature so beautiful.

Kotok Island has such a unique cottages. because of his cottage was on a big tree. we call the tree house. from the cottage you can see the expanse of a vast ocean. an extraordinary experience.

Kotok Island is divided into 2 parts western Kotok (Kul Kul Kotok) and east Kotok (Kotok coconut). but for Kotok coconut was not operational again / already closed.

Kotok Island has beautiful beaches and vast culup, pier shape is so unique. and has a floating restaurant / restaurant above the sea. if you want to snorkel after eating you can direstoran headed straight into the sea. because there is direstoran down the stairs toward the sea.

To maintain the natural preservation keasrian and under the sea / marine parks, Kotok island there are no facilities like water sports (jetsky, banana boat, canoe). there is only a rent snorkeling equipment and diving equipment, and rental boats for diving.

Area diving in Kotok island wide coverage. different and the price difference. as Area II around large Kotok, halimah coral, coral KROYA. and there are some areas for diving.

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