Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sepa Island Sea Paradise Tours in Jakarta

Indonesia was the country "thousand island" that is not all we can know very well that we have islands. Even a thousand islands of the northern coast of Java Sea, which can be said with the nearest islands of Java and Jakarta in particular, we can not know well.

One of them we can know is the island of Sepa, which stores natural beauty. By using the boat from the Marina to the island of Sepa approximately 1.5 hours, or 2 hours if it wanted to stop briefly to a few surrounding islands.

After a few boats left the beach Marina then we will see the sea water began to clear blue. Reaching our Sepa island we can see the white sandy beach surrounded him, this is the difference this island with other islands in the thousand islands. Beautiful seaside, surrounded by clear water until we can see the bottom.

The island is still a lot to save the beautiful natural origin. But still have modern facilities for sea travel. Like still make a dock with a wooden architecture while still maintaining kekokohannya, bungalows with architecture "home village" but the modern berinterior, the trees maintained their lives and many more.

Another beauty that we can see when you first got off the boat is the water clear blue sea. Sea islands that make Sepa more popularly known as a paradise for divers. The divers can see the beauty of the seabed life. Like corals, ornamental fish, and so on.

Several tours, or if the water is more popular now complete enough to be here, like Waterski, Banana Boat, Canoe, Flying Fox, Knee Board, Glass Board, Boat Rental, Tennis Courts, Scuba Diving and Jetski. And for a hobby fishing available coral as a means of fishing.

In March the future of PT. Pulau Sepa Permai as a manager will add facilities to its guests tour the Marine Walk. We will be able to walk freely on the ocean floor without the need for a variety of diving equipment. This can inspire if any married couple who based the sea. Marriage sea.

And when the day started off the evening, we certainly do not want to miss to enjoy the sunset. And the scene shifted into the center bungalows. Inside there are restaurants, a stage for karaoke and live music. We can also baberque party, or burn our results fishing fish.

According to the manager most of the guests who came to the island of Sepa are foreign tourists or expatriate. Where they come on vacation to relax while enjoying the panoramic sea with calm and peaceful atmosphere. For those guests Sepa island atmosphere according to their tastes. And indeed the managers said that they were trying to find out tastes of their guests who come from various countries.

If we've become familiar with the island princess would not hurt if we start to recognize the island visit Sepa. Boat for how to get there is 2 times a week. And we will be able to enjoy the sea adventures.

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