Saturday, November 21, 2009

Princess Island Tour

This island is one of a thousand islands in the archipelago that travel time is approximately 90 minutes by speed boat from Marina Ancol Jakarta. To reach this island, you can leave from Marina Ancol at 8 o'clock, and to remember not to be late because there is only 1x speedboat schedule.

During the first hour, the speedboat that will drive you riding gelembang charged. But after that, or rather after the goddess of the island, the waves can be said to be very small and the boat slid quietly, because the waves came muffled by the Thousand Islands cluster that is located before such as the Island Princess Island Node, Island Grill, Coconut Island, Sun Island and the island of Bira.

Because the islands are enclosed in the above, then the Island Princess has a very strategic location that makes it as one of the resorts or resort mainstay of interest by tourists to enjoy the sea view. In the afternoon on weekends and holidays, visitors are given the opportunity to enjoy the sunset with a boat provided by the resorts around the island for a thousand for half an hour. Sunrise and sinks in the island is very good putrid while the weather clears so we can come and enjoy the sunset sky sea legs. Golden rays emanating or reflected by the sea accompanied by the roar of the waves and the wind in the trees will create an atmosphere that is difficult to forget.

Facilities on the Island Princess.

Island Princess has a lot of shady trees, so the atmosphere here is not hot. Among the trees that shade the cottage or villa is equipped with 1 bedroom (double / twin beds), sofa, television, minibar, air-conditioning, water-heater shower. Princess own vast island covering approximately 8 hectares or smaller than the island of Ayer, and to protect from abrasion around the sea water is given a rock island.

Near the pier mermaid statue that seemed to welcome the arrival of the guests. Then there is the pier next to the aquarium tunnel under the sea to see the underwater life. This tunnel berkedalaman approximately 5 meters and 15 meters long reaches, where the side tunnels transparent glass coated so that you can see the underwater life of the daughter of a watery island clearly.

Putri Island Resort Manager also provides facilities "glass bottom boat or ship with a hull under the cover glass to enjoy the underwater scenery. The ship operates a half-day starting from 07.00 till 12:00 hours. For one-way trip of about 15 ~ 30menit around the island princess and you can see the coral reefs are animals and animals are very attractive now.

Sisata place the island is also equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courts, water activities (water bee, canoeing, banana boat), and you also can dive with hire gear at dive shop is available, live music while weekend, and so on.

The existence of this island resort and other resorts resorts around one thousand islands tourism increased the wealth of Indonesia. And if managers and governments can work together to develop it will lift Tourism Indonesia

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