Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Jalan Kali Besar in Jakarta West Jakarta, on the VOC is downtown Batavia, there is a building that almost all red front. Red Shop building name, now is still standing strong despite three centuries old. A number of governors general of the East India Company had occupied the building, which was then located in the middle of the fortified city of Batavia.

Gustaf, Baron van Imhoff a two-story building was in 1730. The building has witnessed many important events, which experienced the city of Batavia. At least in front of the building flowing river Groote Rivier (Big time) was breathing occurred when a major riot occurred the massacre of the people Tionghoa.

The event comes 10 years after the building is standing (1740). After the bloody massacre Middle Kingdom, as well as the village Maritime Academy (Academiede Marine), the building was also the cadet dormitories.

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