Saturday, November 21, 2009

Umang island

ISLAND Umang not only offers the charm and beauty of the sea water tourism, but also demonstrates that environmental preservation efforts merged into a tourism package.

We wanted a vacation to a remote island, which is usually a vision of a quiet area, exotic, and sand land bordering the sea. The image was not completely missed when I was with 14 other media crews arrived at Umang Island which is in the province of Banten, Friday (6 / 11) last week.

Umang Island is a private island when it was pretty "quiet". Not many tourists or travelers who visited there in this transition season. The recent earthquake issues rampant in circulation, seem to take affect these conditions. Moreover berpelesir to the coast, well ... lest there'll be a tsunami.

But for us, the issue of an earthquake or a tsunami is not a hindrance. We were still excited waiting 15 departures to the island which has an area of five hectares it. Mileage 183 km from Jakarta can we exceeded for 4.5 hours, plus a five-minute trip using motor boats to cross from the District the Well, Pandeglang, to the island in question.

And, we arrived at Pulau Umang. The image of a lonely desert island and could not miss 100 percent. Moreover eksotismenya, really similar to my dream. The sound waves, clear sea water and soft sand imaging nan island calm conditions and far from pollution.

"Welcome to Umang Island!" exclaimed a staff Umang Island Resort, just after my colleagues and set foot on the island located in the Sunda Strait waters.

In terms of location, Pulau Umang located in a bay which "protected" by the Cape Lesung in the north, Panaitan Island in the west, and south of Ujung Kulon. Because the location of the "hidden" reason, waves on the shore of this island is not too large. Peace of water almost like a lake.

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