Monday, December 7, 2009

Exotic Destinations in Sabang Island

Sabang city is located on Pulau Weh, Aceh was so beautiful to pass up. No wonder if the people of Indonesia and foreign tourists who come to the region's Porch of Mecca, is not perfect if you have not come to visit Indonesia's outer islands.

Many exotic attractions on offer in the City of Sabang. For example, a distance of the beach is easy 19 miles from the town of Sabang. On this beach visitors stunning views presented. When AFP's easy to Coast, Sunday (15 / 6), the tourists are taking the time to snorkeling and easy shore diving. Because natural sea is still very natural and clean. So that tourists can freely see the panorama of stunning underwater.

Another beach to Sabang city. At these places tourists can dive and snorkeling . Not only that, visitors can cross to the island Rubiah using speed boat which took only 10 minutes.

The island became a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists. Some people called the island of Sabang Rubiah called Bikini Island. Because the island is free visitors bikinis or bare-chested without having to worry about officials or police Wilayatul Hisbah Shari'a in Aceh.

In tourist locations are also cheap cottages. Permalam rents in cottage-cottage is around Rp 50 thousand to Rp 150 thousand. To reach the tourist locations in Sabang, visitors must charter a vehicle in Port Balohang, Sabang.

Because there is no public transportation leading to tourist locations such

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