Friday, December 4, 2009

Original Selayar district

Maritime tourism potential Selayar district, South Sulawesi with its flagship attractions Takabonerate National Park which has a diverse marine biota, until now untouched many foreign tourists (tourists), but this wonderful tour.

"This is because the facilities had adequate sea transport in addition to time spent Kayuadi subdistrict, district capital of the islands long enough that is 2-3 hours by speedboat with a limited number of visitors," said Secretary Kab. Selayar, H. Zubair Suyuti in Selayar, Sunday.

In fact, he said, if the sea transportation support to transport the tourists to 10 Takabonerate including pioneering open platform for this type of aircraft Cassa contained 8-10 people, foreign tourists would visit more tourist attraction to make it easier to do this for kebiota-sea research and more.

In addition, tourists can also do water sports activities in the region that has Takabonerate 340 hectare area.

According to him, if the central government and the provinces of South Sulawesi to provide support to build the airstrip in the district pioneer Takabonerate islands, visiting tourists from different countries will come to see many beautiful sea garden, which is the third national park in the world.

Casa flight to the airport Aroeppala Takabonerate through, about 10 kilometers from the Citadel, the capital of kab. Selayar a long moment of its foundation has developed a 900-meter 1.6 kilometers, capable of contained Fokker aircraft landed 20 people from Makassar, Jakarta and Surabaya.

"What's interesting about this park is a species of turtle which no other in the world who are now in control of Selayar district government," he said, adding, the local government with the support of relevant security forces keep a tight national park location.

About the behavior of fishermen from outside the community who enter its territory to catch fish by using the 'bomb' fish, Zubair said that since the establishment of Takabonerate as a marine tourism object that has millions of marine biota to be protected, fish finder fishing activities in a way that has diminished.

"If there are fishermen who caught fish bombing Takabonerate location will be arrested and processed in accordance with the applicable rules, including fishing equipment confiscated the fish," he said.

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