Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Being older island of Manado in Manado bay limits on Bunaken District about 10 miles from city center can ditmpuh for 60 minutes by motor boat.

Manado Tua is the largest island of the group of islands located within the boundaries of Manado bay. The beach consists of a mixture of white sand and coral.

There is a marine park is beautiful because it consists of terumbukarang, ornamental fish, fish konsumi, and other marine biota.

Around the island there are trails that have been dibetonisasi, Ditempat called King Harbor ships are anchored while ditemoat Portuguese heritage, called the promontory of coffee as a place to lay their eggs from tuturuga (turtle) on every full moon.

Besides Terapat palm tree people and the people's manga. There are peaks above lingdung forest.

Tourism is tirta (water), maritime tourism (marine), nature tourism, and agro tourism (agriculture) with the object of tourist traffic, which is the water / sea and the beach; sights and natural scenery; and perkenunan people.

Tourism activities that can be done, a garden to enjoy sightseeing by sea (round) used a boat filled (katamaran), snorkeling (swim wear a respirator), diving (diving) and the Photographic underwater (underwater photographs); recreation / water sports and shore excursion; enjoy coconuts and mangoes; jogging, cycling and mountain bike casual and hiking camping dna.

Facilities are available, the lodging of the people (home stay).

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