Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Lake Tondano

Tondano lake is beautiful lake that is located 600m above sea level surrounded by mountains which have an average altitude of 700 meters so that its shape resembles a bird's nest, where many people come for day trips to enjoy the cool mountain air.

Tondano lake located approximately 36 km from the city of Manado, or 1 hour by public transportation.

Lake Tondano is the largest lake in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The lake is flanked by mountains LEMBEAN, Mount Kaweng, Tampusu Hill, and Mount Masarang. The lake is surrounded by roads linking the provincial and city Tondano, East Tondano District, District Eris, District tools, Remboken District, and District of South Tondano. This lake is producing lake trout like fish mujair, pior / kabos, payangka wiko (small shrimp), nike and so on.

4.278ha broad lake, and there is a small island named Likri (next village district Tandengan Eris). On the shores of Lake Mountain Tondano Kaweng obvious. It is said the lake is because the explosion was powerful because the story of a pair of human beings of different kinds of violation of the prohibition of parents to marry (in Minahasa: kaweng) with reckless run (tumingkas) in the forest. As a result of violating the advice of parents erupted kaweng the twin mountains that became Tondano lake.

Lake Tondano has a famous tourist attraction "Sumaru Endo" Remboken, and Pine Hill Resort Tourism (Tondano direction Toliang Oki). From the edge of the lake Tondano (Toliang Oki), we can pass the peak hill and looked at the beauty LEMBEAN Molucca Sea (to the east), precisely the area Tondano Pante (Sub Kombi), Minahasa regency.

The roads around the lake provides panoramic Tondano charming and soothing. Around the lake are widely available Tondano restaurant with a menu of fresh fish can directly reply message, catch and cook on the spot. Sit back enjoy the fresh fish dishes while enjoying the beautiful scenery is a difficult dream realized in Jakarta. This is where we enjoy the original nature.

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