Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peak of Jayawijaya (East Papua)

Where we can find snow in Indonesia? Only in Jayawijaya mountain top. Special, snow on snow Jayawijaya unlike in countries that only 4 seasons a few months. Snow in one of the highest peak in Indonesia will be there forever.

Mining Mountains are a mountain range that lies at the center of the province of West Papua and Papua (Indonesia) to Papua New Guinea on the island of New Guinea. There are 6 peaks in the mountainous Jayawijaya: Puncak Jaya (formerly Peak Carstenz Pyramide), Peak plans, Northwall Peak, Mula Pulu Peak, Peak Sudirman, and Peak Trikora. Peaks with permanent snow only in the first four peaks. But unfortunately this eternal snow began to melt due to global climate change.

Of the 6 peaks in these mountains, Puncak Jaya is the highest peak 4884 meters above sea level (mdpl). Even Jayawijaya mountain peaks called one of the top seven continents. But do you know if the so-called peak of the continent was once the ocean floor? The evidence of fossilized sea shells found at the top of the mountain. So the dream to the tops of pegungungan IDR not only hikers but also the world geological researchers.

Apparently, 60 million years ago the island of Papua was still in the seabed sediment formed by the rocks. Long story short in millions of years of tectonic activities occurred and land subsidence resulting in Papua are still one with Australia. This land gradually fragmented and producing islands and mountains in Papua as we know it today.

There are still many secrets of the rocks Mining untapped and still many who have never climbed the highest peak in Indonesia. So you choose which one? So great climber or leading researchers rocks? Both can be done in the Jayawijaya Mountains.

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