Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Serui, Small Town in the Beautiful Island of Yapen

If you want to forget the fatigue due to the big city bustle of so solid, maybe you can think of for a trip to a quiet place and you can enjoy the natural beauty indescribable.

One place that offers the natural beauty is still untouched by the city of peace so remarkable. One of the places you can think of for your visit is a city located in Serui Yapen island, Papua.

Serui is the capital of Yapen Waropen and is located in the District of South Yapen. Yapen Waropen itself is located in Paradise Bay and consists of two main plains of the island and mainland Yapen Waropen. Geographically Yapen Waropen lies between 01,027 and 02,027 south latitude that extends from 135,004 to 135,005 East Longitude with an area of 19,994 km2 area, or 4.6% of the land area of Papua Province.

Yapen Waropen itself can be achieved either by air or by sea is by using Indian ships or ferries. The ships passing through this route and anchored in Port Serui as well as local boats from other areas. Twin Otter aircraft owned by Merpati Nusantara Air Lines (MNA) flies three times a week with Biak-Serui route back and forth. In the city Serui taxi transportation can be rented or chartered and will be delivered to the destination.

This area has the natural resources are still very natural with incredible beauty where most of these areas covered by tropical forests and mangrove forests which are precisely the areas Waropen. 819 species of orchid that grows in Papua many found in the Yapen Waropen. You also can find many unique animals such as Birds of Paradise Papua, Black Cockatoo Bird, partridges, parrots, Crowned, lizard, turtle Star Fruit and others.

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