Friday, January 8, 2010

MORAMO Waterfall: Angel Bathing in Cape Peropa

We will remember legend angel who turn from heaven just to simply shower?. It is said that the story is also found among people Konawe South, Southeast Sulawesi. Because according to the local community Moramo Waterfall bath is a place of angels who descended from heaven.

The waterfall is located in the area of Cape Nature Reserve Forest which has a broad Peropa 38,937 Ha. Precisely located in the East Konawe or about 60 km from the city of Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The beauty and serene atmosphere wrapped in a light breeze that flows so cool is the natural gift of a very wonderful for tourists who bekunjung. In the tourist areas of this waterfall is also there is a potential wealth of natural stone marble. Estimated, the content of the marble as a whole ranged 860 billion cubic meters. Marble in this area is one of the largest sources of marble reserves in the world.

Unique levels

Some waterfalls in other areas in Indonesia has a storied natural contour, so often called multilevel waterfalls, such as Waterfall Beringkat in Riau province. Almost the same as that story waterfall, Moramo waterfall has seven levels. However, this waterfall has a unique Moramo typical limestone area, which is where the water flows freely. With the surrounding limestone rocks of the tourists do not be afraid to climb because the walls are not slippery to climb.

In addition to the 7 main levels, there are also 60 small degree they serve as water reservoirs (such pools of water). Of the many such ponds, there is one that is often used for swimming. The water is clear, cool and comfortable make the visitor attractions of this visit was not afdol if not go and swim in the pool.

Flora and Fauna

In tourist areas Waterfall Moramo, there are also various flora and fauna can not miss such a wide variety of birds, butterflies, colorful, and various other animals. Generally, tourists come to this resort was very satisfied because it was treated to not only natural scenery of the waterfall is very beautiful eyes, but also serving exotic trees and forest animals voice that seemed cheered their arrival.

Complete works of nature's powerful beauty of the Falls attractions Moramo. Panorama of nature, the sound of waterfalls, birds singing that shouted, combined with dancing butterflies colorful flying around.

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