Friday, January 8, 2010

Samosir from Tele View Tower

That morning, very bright in Samosir. The air is fresh clean without pollution. Right in front of our hotel Lake Toba inapi spread. Can you imagine how beautiful the view from our hotel room? Really like the painting of nature. Today we will climb the mountain to see the view from high places. Before doing the climb, we visit a site believed to be a place of origin of the Batak. It was Sianjur Mulamula, therein lies the village of Batak people known as Sihulati. Sihulati in this area, stands a traditional Batak house is believed to be the King Batak house at that time. Not far from the house of King Batak, flowing spring that was once used by King to meet the needs of Batak.

At Sianjur At a distance of about 5 km from Pangururan. The journey to Sianjur very pleasant. The beauty of the surrounding landscape did not escape from my view. We also have to pass the border bridge between Samosir Island and the island of Sumatra, for Mula Mula Sianjur recorded in Samosir regency is located in the plains across the island of Samosir.

Bridge named Tano ponggol this is actually a former mining land was made in the Dutch colonial period. Apart from Tano ponggol Bridge, the streets began convenient for us through. Asphalt was smooth, but the new adventure will begin from there.

Characteristic of Sumatra highway winding and narrow. Had a couple of times we were riding in a car that ran into a bus, truck dun big cars more. It really makes me afraid to look down the road. Finally we arrived at Sibulati.

There was a traditional Batak house. Just beyond, looking statues depicting the figure of King Batak with his wife who was sitting on the throne. There are two figures standing guard statues on either side. Not far from the throne, there is a statue heberapa boy who was playing. Near it is the form of miniature caves believed to be the first home of the Batak King.

After the Sibulati, we climbed the mountain Pusuk Buhit located about mdpl 1800. According to the Batak community trust, from this hill for the first time the creator of the universe known as At Jadiabolon, appeared on earth. So naturally, if until now the region is still a historical tourist sites.

We did not get to ride up the mountain Pusuk Buhit, because time is not possible, so we decided to continue the journey toward Tele View Tower. According to the People, from where tourists can see the whole island of Samosir. From Tele Pangururan to nearly 12 km, but because we are from Mount Pusuk Buhit journey has taken a half, only about 4-5 km back to the top.

Treat our beautiful scenery while enjoying the road began to climb toward the Tele. The air is very fresh and cool and a row of pine trees, accompanied us to the top of the Tele. If you do not like the way of water, paths through the Tele can be chosen as the alternative route.

Approximately 45 minutes of time it takes for us to arrive at the top. The path, there is only one. The road width is only the size of these vehicles must have rules that are not written.

When we passed by car from the direction of the Tele, the car must stopped and give way to the bottom. a view countless times we passed other cars and they immediately look for a rather large place to stop and give way to passing.

From a distance we could see there was a tower of white three-story at the end of the road. Just behind the tower there are three restaurants and a rest area for drivers who travel long distances. It was very afternoon, we decided to enjoy lunch before boarding the View Tower.

Yada first level can be seen the blue of Lake Toba and Samosir Island is really beautiful. Because the less satisfied we decided to go up one level to the top. Seeing the magic carpet as far as the eye could see, made me fascinated with what nature has owned this land.

The journey to this day ends in Tele View Tower. We immediately returned to Pangururan to rest because it was 18:15 o'clock. There are many trips that must be taken tomorrow.

Authors: Bianka
Source: Magazine Travel Club

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