Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind funny story about Labuan Bajo

LABUAN Bajo, `city 'fishing located in the western island of Flores, in the West Manggarai regency. Famous because it is a tourist haven like to Komodo National Park consists of 80 islands, including Komodo and Rinca Island.
From the sea, this city does not seem as close to the many ships that reclines. Parallel to the coast there is the main road only 2 km along the road called Soekarno-Hatta (at the foreign site map referred to as `Trans Flores Highway ').
That's where the focus grocery store, restaurants, hotels, inns, travel agents, money changers, dive operators, and do not miss the salon. One of them is called `Jalil Beauty Salon '. From the name alone I pengen laughing. Just in front of the window there is a large water butt made of plastic and bailer, so wash your hair does not use water that flowed directly from the faucet. Tailor salonnya was a black man, big tall. Hehe! Interestingly, one red light town there's only one, and even then not working.
Local transportation is angkot (also called `taxi ') or motorcycle taxi, route yes muter-muter in the road along the 2 km, and up the hill. Mobile signal only two operators that flame. Airport was named very sangar: Komodo Airport - located 2.5 km to the east, who can check in while smoking because officers also serve as ngebul prospective passengers.
At that time the three of us (all girls) are the only local tourists, the rest of Western tourists ya all! Where the local tourist? They said, "Rarely, mam. There's a tourist Indonesia, but is usually taken by bule as  a boyfriend." Haha! As a result we immediately `popular , there  each passing that calling, though at first we were always invited to speak in English. 

Jana Not to mention the sudden often called by the taxi driver eh angkot. Understandably, we were staying at the hotel located on a steep hill with a dirt road damaged and without light at all. Because lazy angkot hiking plus a stop operating hours of 6 pm, be we have a collection of phone numbers that drivers would shuttle. Well, Labuan Bajo village like Caucasians. Not only tourists, but the owner of hotels, restaurants, dive operators mostly Caucasians. Our hotel is owned by 2 Dutch girls who had married a local boy. Restaurant The Lounge is owned by English girl.
Dive Operators owned by the German, Dutch, and English. Komodo National Park was operated by outside companies. Even some of the islands in dispute ever since owned by foreigners, such as Angel Island is owned by the British and Sture Island by Malaysians. Unfortunately, going to Angel Island to land could not, even if close to other parts of the island was closed fence with gate `no entry '!
Our entertainment is certainly a culinary tour there but the restaurant is made to accommodate foreign tourists, a kind of food is food `northern 'such as sandwiches, burgers, pasta. The most famous restaurant is Gardena, but you know if you are located in remote areas often food is not available. "No, brother," said the maid with an accent thick Eastern Indonesia. Why is not there? "Well, brother," he replied. Period.
The waiter at The Lounge, a new restaurant that looks so cool was the answer. My favorite eating place called Warung Arto selling Moro Javanese cuisine, the refrigerator no signature Delon. I ordered fish `rice 'worth IDR 20 thousand, out gede grouper, rice, and sauce lalap.
Oh, joy! Funny, in a drinks menu called Soda Fidget - Happy Soda apparently is in our language. Maybe mixed Viagra kali ya? Hehe! There's actually shop local cuisine, such as shops and restaurants goat sate Padang, but each passing close kok exclusively. "New Year's Holiday," said the man there. Blimey, very long time. The most happening place yes dugem Paradise Cafe with spectacular sunset views and live music reggae band.
By-by on top is a delicious coffee and Flores chili super duper spicy until we're three of the hot sauce enthusiast can KO - a small grain of pepper to a bowl of instant noodle wrote jontor make lips, runny nose, watery eyes and forehead headaches! Please try.
How to spend 5 days in Labuan Bajo? The first day is the day leyeh-leyeh after 3 days drifting across the sea by ship from East Lombok. For the first time I felt seasick even after being in the hotel room: it was the floor rocking! In the afternoon we went to the beach Pede, where there is a four star hotel only in the province of East Nusa Tenggara newly opened - that if you swim in the swimming pool diliatin million people over the fence.
Next for 3 days in a row we were diving and island hopping through diving operators who only owned by people of Indonesia, CN Dive. Big ship, length 20 m and berpenumpang only three of us. The owner named Mr. Condo, he was the first to pioneer diving tourism in Komodo TN. Meanwhile, our Dive Master named Gusti - kirain the Balinese, not an abbreviation of Augustine taunya! There are more than a thousand species of fish and hundreds of species of coral and sponge, not to mention a lot of sharks and manta rays, because the plankton-rich seawater.
Reef fish are usually small, huge here, for example, Trigger Fish, Lion Fish, and Grouper are gede bener. For the first time I was also diving in between the millions of small fish to block the view. Islands was magnificent: the clean white sand, blue sea, coral reefs are healthy and colorful, with a background of green hills and blue sky. Ah, sedapnya! Although streamy quite fast, TN Under Water Komodo until now ranks first best diving spots I've ever Selami. Fortunately not see Komodo dragon in the sea! (

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