Saturday, March 27, 2010

kuil shri mariamman at Medan

Field visit for a few more presents to the atmosphere that was so deep in this soul. After nearly two years of not visiting the city seemed so different to see this city is now all motor tricycles had replaced the motor with one type becaknya having a certain model motorcycles Win a Honda although various manufacturer brands. Field visit is not complete if you do not visit the Shri Mariamman Temple is located city center field or adjacent to Sun Plaza.

A sunny afternoon we could see dozens of people who have hindu fruitful in the city of Medan, they often visited the old temple, founded in 1884 AD or 4984 Saka year. Old, young and children participate to pray in the temple filled in jejeri various gods of Hindus. God statues hindu temple composed old didalm has its own meaning and have a variety of stories.

How wonderful for us all appreciate each other when the confidence of each religion so that our life is harmonious. Field is very fortunate to have the restoration of the temple that was inaugurated by the Governor Raja Inal Siregar Sumatra. Tourism objects located in the middle of town and adjacent to one of the largest shopping mall in Medan.

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