Friday, March 19, 2010

Kumala Island Park

Kumala Island area is located in the middle of the Mahakam River Delta region stretching west Tenggarong City, Kukar District with an area of 76 ha mixture of modern technology and traditional culture. In the design of the Recreation and Park neatly with a mix of modern technology architecture and traditional culture.
Since the year 2000 in the wake Kumala Island became Area Tourism. Development Kumala Island Park will be completed gradually and grow. And Teru consistently performed additional recreational facilities will continue to attract visitors, especially for visitors who bring their families for a weekend and enjoy all the facilities of Kumala Island Eksotis.Di this island there are also DJs Kumala Island Resort complete with Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Cottage and facilities for those who want to rest.
The island was built like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta, and built to display the culture of Borneo with a combination of Kutai tribe, Dayak and Javanese. This can be seen with the Lamin, as well as building a temple called Pura peg island as one of Hindu places of worship in the District Kukar, and a large statue Swana ox located at the tip of the island overlooking the Bridge of the magnificent Kukar.
For Kumala Island meyeberangi can use the form Anggunakan Air Longboat Transportation or traditional boat (Ketinting / CES), fees charged for crossing the CES is Rp. 2500 .- / person, and long crossings about 10 minutes, but if visitors are interested, can also use the train Hanging Tenggarong located in Seberang to cross to cross to the island of Kumala. On this island can enjoy recreation and play equipment for families and children.
Kumala Island Park is about 27 km from Kota Samarinda that can be done through the Bridge Kukar 1 within approximately 30 minutes. While the city of Balikpapan which has facilities Sepinggan Airport and Harbor, which is access Semayang air and sea transportation in East Kalimantan, Located approximately 130 km that can be pursued Less Over 3 hours by land. In addition Kumala Island Park can also be reached by water transport through the Mahakam River.
The vehicle contained in this island, among others:
1. Sky Tower 75 Meters height Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 7500, -- Children: Rp. 5000, --
2. Mini Train Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 5000, -- Children: Rp. 2500, --
3. Merry Go Round Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 5000, -- Children: Rp. 2500, --
4. Car Transport Tourism Tariff (Ticket Fee): Adults: Rp. 1000, -- Children: Rp. 1000, --
5. Train Hanged (Cable Car) Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 7500, -- Children: Rp. 5000, --
6. Arena Game Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 5000, -- Children: Rp. 2500, --
7. Trampoline Tariff (Ticket Fee) Adults: Rp. 7500, -- Children: Rp. 5000, --

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