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Museum Mulawarman

Museum Mulawarman
Kukar Palace building is located in the Capital District Kukar (Tenggarong), Royal Palace Kukar heritage is now switching function into Mulawarman Museum, founded in 1932 by the Dutch Government which gave the palace to the Sultan Muhammad Parikshit Adji in 1935. Material is dominated by the concrete buildings from the basement, floors, walls, insulation to the roof.
Museum on the front page there are duplicates of Swana Ox statue is a symbol of the Kingdom of Kukar. The architecture of this museum of architecture adopts traditional Dayak tribe in Kutai.

In the museum this Mulawarman stored objects that have historical value / high seniyang ever used by the Sultanate such as:

* Throne, as the seat of King and Queen. The chair is made of wood, seat and back support given the cottonwood-lined cloth-wrapped with yellow, so that the seat and the seat was soft. This chair is made with European style, its creator was a Dutchman named Ir. Vander Lube in 1935
Oxen Statue Swana * Coat of Kutai, made in Burma in 1850 and arrived at the Palace of Kutai in 1900. Swana ox believed to be the vehicle mount Guru. Another name is the pivot Yoksi cowboy Liman, the elephant-faced cow, bird wings, horns like a cow, bertaji and berkukuh like a rooster, a giant head also equipped with various types of decoration that makes it look beautiful statue
* Necklace Uncal, these objects and object attributes merupkan greatness kelangkapan Kukar Empire used at the coronation of Sultan Kutai be King or at the time of the Sultan's birth anniversary and coronation of the Emperor and other sacred events
* Cannon Broom Universe Remains VOC, Dutch
* Inscription Yupa, which trdapat in this museum is a replica of the original Yupa contained in the National Museum in Jakarta. Yupa inscription is an inscription found on the hill Brubus Muara Kaman. the inscription was 7 times menadakan the beginning of history in Indonesia which is the first written evidence found and lettered Pallawa Sanskrit
* A set of Gamelan of Yogyakarta Palace 1855
* Arca Hindu
* A set of table remains Kingdom Bulungan Guest
* Ulap Doyo, Dayak handicrafts Benuaq
* About the history of the Kingdom Minirama Kukar
* Collection Numismatika (currency and other currency instruments)
* Collection of Chinese Ceramics, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand
* And others
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