Thursday, March 11, 2010

The old building which is full of mystery (Lawang Sewu)

Located in tugumuda complex, formerly a majestic building art deco, which is used as the headquarters of the Dutch railways (tram), or better known as the Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maschaappij (NIS).  
Dutch architect's work building Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag built according to historical records in 1903, and inaugurated on July 1 Semarang 1907.Masyarakat more about this building is called Building LaswangSewu, since this building has a number of doors in large quantities, yangt figuratively means numbers many thousand or more , which in Javanese language means the door and LawangSewu.Lawang Sewu means a thousand.

Looked from side
One passage in Lawang SewuIn its development after independence is used as the office of Railway Djawatan Indonesia (DKARI) or the current PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. Then for military purposes, namely as Diponegoro KODAM office (which is now concentrated in Watu Gong), and was last used as the Department of Transportation Regional Office in Central Java. We have entered a building in the 102 ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang is used as tourist attractions with facilities in the form of heritage architects of ancient buildings and antique, there is the basement and tower information, often used as an exhibition place in a particular event.

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