Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bintan Island: fascination of Indonesia culture

As one of the largest maritime countries in the world, coastal and marine tourism has become an important sector of the tourism industry in Indonesia. Bintan Island, as a very strategic area is located, that is adjacent to Singapore and Johor Malaysi, and also known as the island that holds various area attractions and marine coastal waters have also been trying to explore the area for tourism purposes.
Bintan via regional autonomy has been implemented, the district governments participated Bintan promoting beach tourism in the region to increase local revenues. Local government region compete in attracting foreign and local investors to be willing to invest their capital in this industry.
As in the Bintan Resort Lagoi article published earlier, the island of Bintan is the largest of a total of 3.214 islands in Riau Islands Province, where the island is inhabited by more than 117,000 inhabitants. Bintan Island is located in a strategic position close to Singapore and Malaysia, and only about 40 km from the state of Singapore.

Determination of the Golden Triangle Singapore-Johor-Riau or better known as Sijori as an integrated development area placed at the center of the Riau Islands of economic development in ASEAN. As an archipelago that was quite advanced, Bintan Island is within easy reach of many places with the sea transport. From the island of Batam, 3 passengers in Bintan ports can be reached using a motor boat at a cost of about Rp40.000, 00. Even some passenger ships also depart from / to Tanjung Pinang in Bintan the south each day.
From Pekanbaru, the ferry ticket costing about Rp220.000 which leave at 6:30 will take you to the Bintan regency. Bintan island is also very easy to access from Tanjung Balai Karimun, Natuna and Singkep island.
FerryPulau Bintan Bintan can also be accessed directly by sea from neighboring Singapore and Malaysia. Many ferry boat lines serving the Singapore-Tanjung Pinang with a travel time of less than 1 hour. At least 5 serving ferry trip travel to and from the port of Stulang Laut in Johor Bahru Malaysia at a price of 75 Malaysian Ringgit ticket each way.
From the beginning, Bintan Island is projected as a tourist and resort island because many have a beautiful coastal area that has been decorated with luxury-class facilities and are mostly located along the northern coast of this island, or rather NEWLANDS area.
Regions Lagoi selected as tourism international beaches for a quiet beach that have current most of the year and dealing directly with Singapore and Malaysia.
Bintan Beach
Sights that have been developed in NEWLANDS is Exclusive Integrated Tourism Area NEWLANDS (Bintan Resort), Beach Sebong Pereh, and village tours are offered Sebong Pereh marine tourism. In this area there are various international tourism facilities fairly expensive rates include a five-star hotels, bars and discos, lavish spas, and there are several golf courses.
Bintan Island is not only famous for his NEWLANDS, but places where other tours ranging from nature tourism, ecological tourism, cultural tourism and historical tourism. Just look at the existing tourism alternatives such as Cape Coast Berakit, Trikora Coast Guard and fishermen villages, the beaches in Small Island Environmental Bintan Island, Bintan and Leisure Park, and Mount Waterfall Bintan, Bintan Mountain Cave, and Lake Nature Bouksit Former Mining Tirta in Bintan Bay district. Where the resorts are not less beautiful with NEWLANDS area. If you are interested in ecological tourism, you can visit and participate in planting mangrove trees along the east coast of Bintan Island and protected forest on Mount Deer and Cat Hill.
And if you want to know the history that has passed this island, you can visit the tomb in the village of Hang Nadim Busung travel a distance of approximately 35 minutes from City trasnsportasi Tanjungpinang with sea, Bukit Batu Masjid which is about 60 Km from the City Tanjungpinang, Grave length in Pengujan Island (30 minutes from the City Tanjungpinang with trasnsportasi sea), and the Mausoleum of Sultan Muhayatsyah located in District Tambelan. There was also named Jaafar island in the island where there is a heritage site named Jaafar Beach Park which has a concrete arch former Justice building fence Riau Kingdom.

hotels and lodging bintanHotel mostly located in the north and the east coast of Bintan Island. In this area there Lagoi hotel of international class hotels such as the Nirwana Gardens, Mayang Sari Bintan Resort, Everywhere Beach Club, Cabanas, Hotel Sol Elite Bintan and Hotel Sedona Bintan Lagoon, Banyan Tree, Angsana, the international bertarifkan. Cheap Pengingapan located in eastern coastal areas around the coast as Trikora Trikora Beach Cottage and Hill Flower Cottage, Travel Lodge, and Bintan Agro Resort.

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