Sunday, March 21, 2010

Park City, Alternative cheap Traveling in Makassar

travel while spending the holidays do not have to get out of Makassar. Anging Mammiri in this city alone there are many objects that offer a million tourist facility. Starting from beach tourism, cultural and historical attractions to tour the park. Development seemingly endless hunt for a rate of the economy left a trail of modernity that would be very easy to find at all strategic points in the city. Storey buildings stand proud to show their keperkasaannya in scratching the sky. Green areas are progressively displaced the narrow skyscraper. The sidelines of arrogance that still kept the green dots keep smiling little greening. They are city parks that remain preserved, although until now not yet have a commercial side.
Feasibility of a city park to serve as one of tourism object has no doubt. The number of gardens in Makassar UPTD data management according to Field and Makassar City Park is as much as 28 fruits, both are still neglected up to now and which is not neglected anymore. The entire park is spread in four cardinal directions of the city. Most of this park has appeal as a place to travel.
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