Friday, March 19, 2010

Planetarium Jagat Raya

Universe Planetarium is located at Jalan Raya Diponegoro, on the left Mulawarman Museum building was built in 2002 and inaugurated on 16 April 2003
This place is a tourist facility pengetehuan science to enjoy the beauty of the universe in the form of stars, planets and everything in outer space. Planetarium in surabaya Navy that served as a means for the public astronomy education. This Planetarium Star Theater is a place or a natural theater, because it can show the contents and structure of the universe.Props used a projector Skymaster ZKP 3 Carl Zeiss-made German companies, with a maximum height of 2750 mm and weight of 250 kg, which has a lens 100 lens. Projecting the image of the sun, moon, comets, meteors, stars, constellations, galaxies and so on. In addition to the main projector, the Skymaster ZKP 3 there is also other supporting effect of the projector and slide projector 8 fruit that serves to project an image.
Space used as a demonstration room contains 92 chairs placed around the projector and when the show begins, the room was closed so that no incoming light and air circulation with air conditioning set.
Tariff:- Adult: Rp.7.500, --- Children: Rp.5.000, --

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