Friday, March 19, 2010

BOS (Borneo Orang Utan Survival)

The early history of the establishment of BOS is the year 1991 which is an orangutan rehabilitation project, alternately several times until it forms a foundation Rescue Borneo Orangutans (The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) or abbreviated BOS.
Bos - Animal Road is located in Balikpapan - 44 KM Handil Kel. Margomulyo, Kec. Samboja, Kukar denagn Website address The main activities of the BOS is doing in rehabilitsasi animals before release into natural habitat. 

BOS area - Samboja is an area approximately 1800 ha and a wildlife refuge, especially for Orangutans and Honey Bear are not released into nature because of illness, old age and other disabilities.

There are six artificial islands that had been earmarked as the orangutan. Wildlife conservation area is also equipped with a mneyediakan Forest School playground and recognition skills necessary for life after the orangutan liarkan released into their natural habitat.
BOS also has a program called eco tourism that put forward Lodge Samboja environmental mission in it. Several packages are offered in the Lodge Samboja program is to follow the daily activities of the BOS Foundation in rehabilitation programs Creatures (Orangutans and Honey Bear), land rehabilitation activities, organic gardens activities, activities of the organic fertilizer (compost) and the observation of wild life around BOS area - Samboja Lestari.

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