Monday, March 29, 2010

"Sail Banda 2010 Regatta"

Until now as many as 52 sailboats have registered to participate in "Sail Banda 2010 Regatta" which will take place July 24 to August 1 2010. Sailboat which was listed on the executive committee "Banda 2010 Regatta Sail" is the Amulet (USA), Annwn (Australia), Anui (Australia)
Aspara (Cayman Islands), Bernick (France), Bluestone (Australia), Catspaw (United Kingdom), Cheeca Bey (France), Contrails (USA), Damarri (United Kingdom), Do It (United Kingdom), Erica (New Zealand ), Finale (United Kingdom), First Light III (Australia), Fleck (United Kingdom), Gypsy Rose (Australia), Harmonie (USA), Helios (Germany), Intiaq (Switzerland), Katmandu (Italy), Larissa (New Zealand), Linda (USA), Marnie (USA), Nan Fong (France), Pegasus (United Kingdom), Pelagos (France), Pooino Roa (USA), Priscilla (USA), Pro's Per Aim (France), Red Boomer II (Australia), Saltotu (Australia), SaVahn (United Kingdom), Scarlett O Hara (USA), Southern Sky (Australia), Sunray II (Australia), Tamoure (United Kingdom), Tara II (Australia), Tea (Switzerland ), Toccata (France), Umbra Luna (Australia), Whisper HR (Australia).

In addition, 11 other sailboats are Airstream, Ajax, Bien Aller, Cabaret, Convergance, Island Time, Magnetic, Methane, Meroe, Thetis and the Tin Soldier, despite already registered but must return to complete some requirements.

One of the Regional Organized Panita, IA Saimima appeal to journalists at his office, Tuesday (23 / 3) predicts the number of participants "Banda Sail Regatta 2010" will increase because the remaining running time of about four months.
"We believe the participants will continue to grow because its implementation is still left about four months," he said. (mg-5) SIWALIMA.

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