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Legend of sea "Maluku" Banda island

Location marine park is located between Banda Neira Island, Gunung Api Island, Pulau Ai, Island and Island Sjahrir Hatta. Precisely located in Central Maluku district, Maluku Province. To get to the location can be reached by passenger ferry from the city of Ambon during the night.

banda islands Maritime tourism activities in Banda waters varied, as seen from the marine park on the boat, diving, fishing and skipjack tuna, seeing whales, dolphins, including various kinds of fish and shellfish currently the ancient disuakakan like Napoleon fish, sea birds the swimming and flying near and watched Arombai Manggurebe (Race Belang or racing boat) from shore.
The event is not less interest is the bucket uli that can be witnessed every year two times that in March and April in early evening in 15 days (heaven) at 17:00 until 20:00 CET. Uli bucket is "ocean party" Banda community to catch a kind of sea animals sea green caterpillar long (like yarn) and hairy. In this event, people scrambled to shore Banda, men and women, young and old. With the capture tool mambawa uli (uli fishing equipment) like dustpan (Timuran Java language) is made of fine fabrics and various kinds of lights, waiting out uli from the sea bottom of coastal beaches and arrested. Uli catches then cooked with special spices and then became a typical dish, delicious and high bergisi eaten with boiled sago or cassava
Season should visit in the summer shade (not wavy sea season), which occurred in March, April, May, September, October and November. tourists can try their own use fishing pole to catch tuna and tuna fish.
Guide services can help travelers to use the fishing equipment, as well as explain the process of tuna fishing by fishermen. Banda Island there are many shops selling various souvenirs, such as miniature ship in a bottle, picking tool bamboo nutmeg and replica objects Dutch and Portuguese heritage. There are also several guest houses for rent to stay

Diving in Banda Islands
Banda Islands are one of the most beautiful places to dive in Indonesia. both are experts and beginners dive, dive Starting from Banda Neira to the vertical walls of Hatta Island. When diving is sometimes seen sharks, turtles, tuna, lobster and big baraccuda. Banda Island is a group of volcanic islands in the Banda Sea small, about 140km south of Seram island and about 2000km east of Java, and is part of Maluku province. Bandanaira administrative center, located on the island of Banda Island 
Places to Dive in Banda Islands. Sonegat: This is the nearest place to dive. about 5 minutes from the beach. Location Sonegat the sea between Banda Neira and Gunung (Mountain of Fire). 

Keraka Island: Keraka Island or some people say the island of Crab. like a carpet spread sand on the north shore of a very beautiful place for a picnic. In the south coast there are some 18-meter-high wall that is covered by a blue and yellow tunicates. On the east coast, you can see at a depth of 10 meters, a variety of rock fish and a group of barracuda. Sjahrir Island and The Kapal Stone: or formerly known as Pulau Batu Kapal bananas and only 20 minutes from Banda Neira by boat. These two good places for diving in the morning, and diving in the afternoon. Lontar Island: a kind of outer fence of the islands, the concave edge of the caldera, a good place for pigeons. Dutch stone: in this place, you will find a variety of sponge barrels and tubes, and small caves and fissures. Fish that are in this area is very varied and diverse: a group of snappers, great Caesar, and blue-girdled angelfish, wrasses. A i Island: This island offers the best dive sites on the island of Banda. Both on the coast north and south and west of the island of Ai, surrounded by rock walls perfect. Very beautifull Hatta Island: Hatta Island is only 25 Km Banda Neira Island. A rock can be below sea level found in a few hundred yards from the southern island of Hatta. For a coral outcrop, you can see the parade from unicornfish, Fusiliersm Jack Fish and Rainbow Runners, often seem Whitetip Sharks. [reference:]

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