Friday, May 7, 2010

Amazing part of Bali :Kute beach


Hearing the name of Kuta Beach (read: Kute), everyone would immediately associate it with the gods of the island of Bali. Not many people know that on the south coast of Lombok island there is also a beautiful beach which is also called Kuta.
The uniqueness of this beach is the beach area which is surrounded by hills, the sand was very white in color and very quiet visitors, especially on weekdays. Kuta Beach Lombok apparently not been widely exploited by the local government to be a leading tourist destination in addition to Senggigi whose name is already global.
Kuta beach has become one of my destination when planning a trip to Lombok, although the inn still vote in Senggigi area with consideration for more hotel choices, food and easy access to the city of Mataram.
If you are staying in Senggigi or Mataram, the easiest way to get to the Kuta Beach is by hiring taxis official daily that many operate in Mataram and surrounding areas.
Travel to the beach from the Senggigi Kuta takes About a 2.5 hours, via the town of Mataram. We recommend that you first plan your departure time, including where you will eat lunch. If necessary, consult with the hotel staff or taxi drivers, other places you may want to visit as well.
Our journey begins after breakfast at the hotel, and we rented a taxi ready to pick up appointment the day before, and we immediately headed to Kuta Beach via Mataram.
Shortly before noon, we arrived in Kuta Beach, and the beauty of this beach did not disappoint. Travel is pretty much paid off when he saw the beauty of pristine nature. Car parking area located in the hills, and our need to walk down the hill to get into the beach area. Apparently, we were the only visitors to the beach in the afternoon. None of the other visitors, there was just a souvenir sellers who approached us and offered his wares. Be careful with these sellers, they are sometimes a bit forced us to buy, probably because it is very rare visitors and economic demands.
Coastal areas closest to the entrance is an area full of rocks. Sea water does not impede clear-bagu admiring the view rocks and small inhabitants yag occasionally seemed to swim and crawl in it.
Fifty yards from the driveway, terhamparlah very white sand beach and clean, slightly dazzled from a distance in the middle of the day without a cloud. Playing on the white sandy beach is very pleasant because of the shallow beach area large enough, unlike in most areas of Senggigi which there is a steep beach.

In the distance, seen some users jetsky and windsurfer who should come from the hotel Novotel Coralia Lombok is located about 1 - 1.5 km from Kuta Beach and is the only five-star hotel that is closest to Kuta Beach. Hotel is also located on the shore, and provides various recreational facilities such as water jet ski, speed boat, banana boat and others.
We decided not to linger there, since there are no recreational facilities in addition to any beach. There is only one shop owned by local residents where we drank fresh coconut water.

Since it was lunchtime, we stopped at the nearest residential area to the tourist area of Kuta Beach are filled with the inn-inn, places to eat and makers of pottery and wood crafts. It is strongly recommended to buy crafts directly from the manufacturer such as Lombok at this location because it is relatively cheaper and you can directly talk with the craftsmen.
On the way home, we are also a time to visit the center for weaving crafts of Lombok, about an hours drive from Mataram. You can see how woven fabric made by the local population and can also purchase a variety of styles and types of fabric weaving in the cooperative which is responsible for these craftsmen.
By midafternoon we had arrived back in Senggigi, is still enough time to shower and rest before dinner arrived.

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