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Balinese culture: Meru


Meru is one of the Hindu sacred buildings in Bali, which is very grand, majestic and monumental, laden with symbolic meaning and content of religious power. Meru found on major pretended in Bali with his trademark is its roof which bertumpang high.

Meru not only found in the temples of Bali, but also on Ngaben ceremonies (cremation) in Bali as a container or watang Sawa (corpse) in a ceremony Yadnya Pitra. What is the real meaning and function, and how the layout, form, until the ornament Meru?

Meru was built based on the proportion of accuracy, logic, construction techniques and decorative beauty, who cling to local wisdom and traditional Balinese architecture, such as Hasta Kosali Kosala, Hasta Earth, Lontar Andha Buana, Lontar Jananthaka, etc.. Meru is the construction of earthquake resistant construction which has proven its reliability. A very powerful earthquake with enormous power that has ever happened in Bali (as in Seririt, Buleleng), where many of the modern construction of buildings collapsed, but the sacred buildings in Bali - especially Meru - still stands with sturdy, strong,
stable, and upright.

Meaning and Function of Meru

Meru, based on the quote listed on heritage lontar like Andha Lontar Bhunana, contain symbolic meaning or philosophy as follows.;

Meru Nyan mateges mature, me, meme hearing, hearing mothers, hearing Pradana tattwa; Muah ru, hearing teachers, hearing the father, hearing purusa tattwa, Meru panunggalannya hearing kalawasan shelf spaces. Meru hearing pratiwimbha andha bhuana tumpangnya pawakan patalaning great bhuana alit.

That is, "Therefore said Meru comes from me, means meme = mother = Pradana tattwa, whereas the mean teacher = ru = purusa tattwa father, so that means shelf kelawasan Meru plot (the forerunner to the ancestors). Meru means emblem or symbol of the universe, roof level is a natural layer symbolic level that is grand and bhuana bhuana elite. "

So, based on the information in these Bhuana Andha Lontar, Meru has two symbolic meanings which symbolizes the Meru as the forerunner to the ancestors and a symbol or metaphor of the universe. Further elaborated, Meru has two meanings as follows.;

1. Meru as a symbol or a manifestation of Mount Mahameru - the mountain is a symbol of the universe as stana the gods, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (God Almighty) or Papulaning sarwa Gods. Meru has a symbolic meaning of the mountain is also described in Lontar Tantu Performances, Kekimpoi Dharma Sunia and Usana Bali.
In this case, as the god Meru Pratista - serves as a place of worship, or pelinggih the Gods. Meru as a god in the temple complex there Pratista like Pura Sad Goda, Goda Goda Jagat and Three.

2. Meru symbolize the "mother" and "Dad" as described in Andha Lontar Bhuana. Mother Mother Earth implies that the elements and Mr pradhana tattwa meaning "Aji Akasa" ie tattwa purusa elements. Manunggalnya purusa pradhana and that is a mighty force that is the source of everything on earth. This is what is the Meru foundation that serves as a place of worship sacred ancestral spirits in complex pretend Pedarman Besakih. Here, the Meru as Atma Pratista which serves as a sacred place of worship ancestral spirits or as stana Dewa Pitara.

Based on that description, in summary, significant as a symbol of Mount Meru Mahameru, celebrating the Lord God Almighty (the universe) and "Mother Father" (purusa pradhana), serves as a place of worship, or stana the gods and goddesses, betara female deity, the sacred and ancestral spirits . This more assertive also described in Purana Lontar god, god Kesuma, Widhi Literature, Wariga Winasa Catur Jaya Sari and Puranas.

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