Friday, May 7, 2010

Sembalun Valley on the slopes of Mount Rinjani

Sembalun Lawang Village Area as a whole is 12 852 square km. With such a wide area utilization also vary, for example, is for 524 ha of rice field with an area used for farming by villagers, plantation 978 ha, 74.59 ha of settlements, graves 5 ha, and the rest is still forested, unused by residents.

Overall, the villagers Sembalun Lawang is the religion of Islam. But in running the society, people still use habits adopted long ago, for example, is home ngapel must not neighbors or anyone above the 11 o'clock hour tonight, and for the punishment also remains a familial punishment.

The penalties may include a verbal warning when the first act, when to make mistakes again punished with sanctions mutual assistance, and when you still do it again punished by way of soaking pool. Actually made a mistake when a heavy person who makes such mistakes can be expelled from the village, but according to village head penalty is still in the planning stages, and until now there has not been punished like that.

Another habit of cattle population is considered as a special animal, they consider the cow is the bank of life for them, because by owning cattle, their livelihood will be smooth. In addition they also have a habit of marking the property of their respective cow by making incisions in the ear of their cattle. The number of cows Sembalun Lawang village as a whole amounted to 2800 individuals.

As a regional air cool, and beautiful scenery under the foot of Mount Rinjani, then this area is very potential to be a tourist area. This was also supported by the friendly attitude of society towards tourists coming. Sembalun Lawang village we can see traditional houses, and traditional arts called Drum Belik. Besides weaving village hasik Sembalun mace also we get here.

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