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Kuta Beach, Lombok is a place of tourism on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Beaches with white sand lies a village called Village of Kuta. Kuta village started to become attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in this village, once a year a ceremony was held at the Sasak village.

Kuta Beach, Lombok is a place of tourism on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Beaches with white sand lies a village called Village of Kuta. Kuta village started to become attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in this village, once a year Sasak ceremony was held in this village. This is the ceremony nyale Bau. In this ceremony nyale sailors looking for worms in the sea. According to legend, there used to be a princess, named Princess Mandalika, a very beautiful, many princes and youth who want to marry him. Because he can not make decisions, then he plunged into the sea water. He previously promised that he will come back once a year. Her long hair became nyale these worms.
Kute village with white sand beaches located on the southern coast of Lombok island. Surrounded by rows of hills. In the morning scenery can be seen from the hilltops. In addition terdpat many beaches that are not less interesting along the South coast. Among the beach Seger, Aan, Mawi, Selong Belanak, Rowok and Mawun. The last two very good as the location for windsurfing as well as to other beach sports.
BAU FESTIVAL nyale Mandalika Each of the twenty in the tenth lunar month Sasak or five days after the full moon, before dawn on the beach of Central Lombok district Seger always interesting events that took place visited by many people including tourists. This time, the event for three days, 7-9 March 2007. The event was called Odor nyale interesting. The smell of the Sasak language means arrest. While nyale, a type of marine worms that live in holes - holes in the rock below sea level.
Locals have believed nyale dagger that can bring prosperity to those who appreciate them and harm to people who despised him. "That is what evolved over the years," said one resident of Central Lombok Then Wirekarme.
The tradition caught nyale (Sasak Odor nyale) believed to arise from the influence of natural conditions and patterns of life of peasant communities that have a fundamental belief in the greatness of God, created nature with all its contents including Anelida similar animal called nyale. Appearances on the South coast of Lombok which is marked by the wonders of nature as God's mercy on these creatures. Some time before nyale out at night torrential rain interspersed with lightning and thunder that boomed along with strong winds blowing. It is estimated that on the fourth day after full moon, the evening before going out nyale, rain subsided, replaced by the rain patter - patter, the atmosphere became so quiet, in the early days coiled nyale began appearing - the roar of the waves that roll along the shore break, and just as quickly nyale gradually - gradually vanished from the sea surface together with the crack of dawn on the eastern horizon.
In this activity looks the most prominent is the function of solidarity and togetherness in the community groups that can be maintained for supporting the continuity of traditional culture.

Nyale wonders for Lombok Sasak tribe has created a tale about the events that spread almost the entire layer of Lombok and surrounding community. This tale is very interesting with a very romantic story and develops through the narrative of people - parents who then arranged in the script about the legendary nyale. According to the tale that in ancient times on the south coast of Lombok island there is a kingdom named Tonjang Beru. The perimeter in this kingdom made the room - a room that big. This room is used for meeting the king - the king. Beru Tonjang country ruled by a king who was famous for wisdom and the wisdom of King was named the king with his queen goddess Tonjang Seranting Beru.
King has a daughter, named Princess Mandalika. When the princess adulthood, her face is very beautiful. She is very graceful and beautiful. His eyes are like like stars in the east. His cheeks are like Pauh dilayang. Her hair disheveled like a Virgin. In addition to the graceful and beautiful she was known for friendly and courteous. Language said softly. That's what makes the princess became the pride of the people.
All the people are very proud to have a wise and prudent king who wanted to help people in trouble. Thanks to help from the king of all the people of Beru Tonjang country became prosperous, safe and tranquil. Mandalika Princess Beauty and elegance is very famous from the eastern to the western tip of the tip of the island of Lombok. Beauty and elegance of the princess heard by the prince - a prince who divides up the earth Sasak (Lombok). Each - every one of the kingdom of Johor, consolation, Pane, Kuripan, Daha, and the kingdom Beru. The prince in love. They look silly princess's beauty and elegance.
They complain of fortune, who could marry Princess Mandalika. What with all the power feeling soft, brushed Mandalika Princess. The prince so bite the fingers. Two prince is furious accept that reality. They are the Prince and Princess Maliawang Teruna Datu. Respectively - each of the kingdoms and empires Johor consolation. Datu Teruna macropomum sent Arya and Arya Tebuik to apply, with the threat of destruction of the kingdom Tonjang Beru if proposal rejected. Prince Maliawang send Bumbang Arya and Arya Tuna with urination and similar threats. Mandalika Princess did not budge. Datu necessarily Teruna release senggeger Utusaning Allah while blowing Senggeger Maliawang Silk Nets. This second efficacy senggeger no responsibility in the eyes of Princess Mandalika remarkably, both the prince's face appears in unison. I can not eat, could not sleep, the princess finally emaciated. The whole country Tonjang Beru disaput grief.
Why did the princess refused an application? Because, besides his love must talk, he also felt a responsibility not small. Disaster will occur when the princess dropped the wrong choice of a prince. In meditation, the princess gets wangsit to invite all the princes in the meeting on 20 months of 10 (months Sasak) early in the morning - early morning before dawn adzan reverb. They must be accompanied by all the people of each - respectively. All the invitees were asked to come and gather at Kuta beach. Unexpectedly - the six people suspected of princes came, and the people who came in thousands. Who visited this beach like ants swarming.
There came two days before the day prescribed by the princess. Children - children up to grandparents - my grandfather had come to meet the invitation of the princess's place. Apparently they want to see how the princess will determine his choice. Visitors flock - flocked from all over the island of Lombok. They have gathered to wait for the heart of the princess's presence.
Really like his promise. The princess appeared before adzan reverb. Just as the sky reddened in the eastern horizon, the princess of beauty and elegance comes with using the stretcher which carried gold encrusted. Royal soldiers walking on the left, right, and behind the princess. It was a tight guard. All invitations to wait days and - the day could only stare beauty and elegance of the princess. The princess arrived with a very beautiful gown. Material from a very fine silk fabric. Not long later, the princess went, then stopped at the pile of stones, his back to the open sea. Mandalika Princess stood there and then he turned to the invitation. The princess spoke briefly, but solid content, announced his decision in a loud voice to the cry: "O his father and mother and all the princes and peoples of the Beru Tonjang which I loved. Today I have set that myself to you all. I can not choose one among the princes. Because this fate willed that I be nyale can you enjoy with the month and date of when the emergence nyale in the sea. "

Same time and the end of the word - the word is the prince of confused people even come confused and asked - asked think the word - the word. Unexpectedly - guess the princess threw something on a stone and threw himself into the sea directly on the bare wave accompanied by strong winds, lightning and thunder boomed.
There is no sign - a sign of the princess is in place. By the time they appeared on the confusion of small animals there are huge numbers who are now referred to as nyale. Sea worm-shaped beast. They alleged that the animal incarnation of the princess. Then roll - they are busy vying to take the animal as much - much to be enjoyed as a sense of love and also as fine dining or other purposes.

That story nyale Bau. Catching nyale become a tradition down - for generations on the island of Lombok. At the time of the event, held on Bau nyale today, since in the afternoon they will catch nyale those who gathered at the beach filled with peresean event, making camp and filling the evening with a variety of traditional arts such as Betandak (echo poem), Bejambik (gift giving subject to the lover), and Belancaran (cruise by boat). And do not miss too, performed a play on the beach colossal Lady Mandalika Seger.
Citizens who come to the beach to participate Seger nyale Odor ceremony came with the vehicle. Nyale for residents of South Lombok with rain-fed paddy fields is an object of God's grace that can be used as a sign of success of a satisfactory harvest.

Odor tradition nyale - capturing sea worms - as part of the legend of Princess Lombok.Di Mandalika in there, people from around Lombok arriving since the previous night. Then Wirekarme who has served as Head of Sub Office of Central Lombok Tourism Office Marketing, explains that the show is actually already underway hereditary in nature. However, after the development of tourism in Lombok, the excitement grew even more polished form of additional attractions Mandalika Princess colossal drama performances which were attended by local officials to the province of West Nusa Tenggara and even not a few who came from Jakarta.
Odor nyale at 16 beaches stretching as far as 72 kilometers from east to west in the south of Central Lombok. Mainly carried out at the beach Seger, and surrounding areas. Beach tourism potential in the West. The beauty of this beach makes the hearts of the tourists to be amazed at all the natural scenery. Waters around Kuta beach to Tanjung Aan beach is perfect for swimming. This beach is located in the southern island of Lombok, about - about 54 miles southeast of the city of Mataram. The atmosphere is calm quiet welcome steps - steps of fine white sand - it's like pepper - which stretches from the western end to the east end with dozens of area attractions ranging from beaches bordering Kelor Edge East Lombok, to the beach Lombak Pengantap in the West.

As usual, packed with thousands of young people after waiting for him in the midst of heavy rain throughout the night. Those who are willing to withstand the cold and sleep on the beach in the village of Kuta district Seger pujut PT Development of Tourism in the area of Lombok, which comes not only from villagers in the district pujut only. But also the young people of Mataram and Praya who came riding hundreds mobil.Pantai Seger who is now better known as Princess nyale beach is also equipped with a slope - the steep slopes of the hills bordering the beach. Indeed, natural charm. On the south coast that's life and spread a legend associated with the nyale (a type of marine worms) that appears only once in a year.

Nyale arrested in several places on the southern coast of Lombok island, among others, on the beach Kaliantan, Kuta, Selong Belanak, Mawun. The best locations visited by tourists is the beach of Kuta village Seger with the condition that adequate infrastructure. Nyale on the conduct of conception appears on the surface of the sea that began at dawn until just before sunrise. Nyale emergence in the sea at dawn illuminated by the moon brings the beauty of an attractive and stimulating the fishermen to catch the long run become nyale and cultural traditions. The emergence of the sea surface nyale happens every year around February.

Scientifically, worms nyale ever observed containing animal protein is very high. Once described by the researchers, Dr. dr Soewignyo Soemohardjo, this worm has been known to spend nyale a substance that has been proven to kill germs. From a socio cultural aspects of the report nyale survey, 70.6 percent of respondents known to throw leaves into the rice wrappers so that the results nyale rice crop will be abundant and tell nyale rice plants that have been completed which means that captured the rain will stop.
During the plague of this society makes cooking - steamed wrapped in leaves - which is good. The public also believes if nyale out many agricultural signifies successful. South Lombok is known as critical areas because of lack of irrigation. Rainfed rice fields there. So if a lot of rain water salinity may allow for a population growing paddy crop is believed to be successful.

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