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Ideal island for shipwrecked

In the islands of Gili, blaring sounds more natural voices, clearly and firmly
Snorkeling guides that contort his body to dive deeper into the dark ocean floor to show the turtle being dwells among coral-reef.
"Look not penyunya?" She asked as she grabbed his hand one of the participants to go further dive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to swim at a depth of more extreme that if the guide was simply pointing direction with a finger.
It's rather difficult to see the turtle, because the sea conditions on the basis of the deeper water so the color is much darker blue than the sea water in the denser areas of coral reefs and colorful fish.
In this intermediate points, ie in orbit coast of Gili Meno, Lombok, snorkeling teams departing from Gili Trawangan was warned several times to focus diwanti-follow directions guide to swim. Sea is in making the guides go down and watch in order not to get separated because it is too focused to follow or find a turtle.
Turtle's special attraction in the coastal areas of the three Gili; Trawangan, Meno, and Air. Not just as a spectacle, such as sea turtles have become part of life that gets attention and respect as beings who deserve to live peacefully in the natural beauty of the ocean. As reflected in the writing that was on the Turtle Conservation Center in Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara:
"Do not hold or lift the turtle. Do you like Strangers Touching you? Neithers do Turtles! Please, show respect to ALL the locals "
Captive Center for Sea Turtle This is a workshop project to help save the generation of turtles. Those turtles were reared for a year until then released back to sea once every two years. On the beach right in front of this captive there also peg-peg which marked the presence of sea turtles if you want to own snorkeling. Reportedly, the turtle-turtle is not going too far to move the place of the peg which marked the location of her life.
Sea turtle conservation is a big place like a pavilion on the outskirts of one of the beach of Gili Trawangan entrusted with a high roof-style homes typical of a traditional Sasak Lombok-supported large wooden pillars and a roof of straw. Inside, there are three pools of similar giant tub (with a ceramic base) glass-walled. These pools become temporary housing various types of turtles that live in Gili. Each pool contains a turtle which are separated according to their own age. There is a baby pool filled and there are turtles that contain young turtles.
Captive breeding center was built since the year 2009 with the help of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero), but perintisannya been initiated since 1995 by a local resident, Zainuddin, using his personal funds. Zainuddin also have a bungalow just across the turtle breeding center.
"Usually at the end of the year and penyunya large enough, there will be a release of hundreds of sea turtles along the east coast of Gili Trawangan. If there is pain I usually take care of special and separate. I take it and care in my home in Mataram that others are not infected, "said Zainuddin who said penangkarannya center each year produce hundreds of sea turtles by buying from the fishermen and traders. Captive breeding centers are also often assisted by the donation of tourists.
Besides turtles, snorkeling guides eorang salahs also share stories about the pearl oyster species. "It should snorkeling at Gili Air here we can see the big oysters containing pearls, but has many missing stolen. Too bad, "said the guide Gili Trawangan home with eyes full of regret.
Nature, and all its contents in the Gili islands is the main focus of the local community and visitors. Set foot on the white sand Gili for the first time, it must be accompanied commitment to honor all the dead who live in it. Diversity of coral reefs (in particular kinds of blue coral) and the fish were so beautiful Gili mengemukanya in the world so that tourists from the far hemisphere was flying to Gili.
The Sasak language, Gili means small island. This designation arose because so many small islands that is located around Lombok. The name of their island and then followed him to not confuse visitors. The Gilis, so usually this popular tourist destination among foreign tourists. Gili Trawangan, you could say is the most popular among other Gili, considering the place is mostly sea-based activities. Also included evening activities are filled with entertainment kinds of clubs, cafes, and lounges. If entertainment on Gili kebaratan sounds very westernized, because 99 percent of visitors were indeed most foreign visitors from various nationalities. I was so dominating, local migrants simply be the center of attention. "Guest in their own country", so said a tourist from Indonesia.
Even so, residents Gili very friendly and warm welcome all the guests. Starting from the tourists who stay in hotels, bungalows, to the homestay (classy name for a dorm room-boarding) is treated as a new friend. In fact, most of the teenagers Gili, who is also some migrants from Java and Bali, with a visit to the location sumringah overnight guests to simply share stories and find out everything that happened outside a small island located far from the hustle and bustle of it.
"In Gili safe atmosphere. Here there is no crime. There was no pollution and no police, "said Yudha, smiling. Together with his wife, Yudha open businesses on Gili Trawangan homestay.
Gili Gili Trawangan is the height above sea level is significant. With a length of 3 km and width of 2 km, Trawangan population of approximately 800 inhabitants. Indigenous leaders in three Gili Gili Air is staying, but on Gili Trawangan beach police remained on guard in the post and faithfully patrolling day and night to maintain order and security.
There is a contrast in Gili Trawangan. Contrast, but harmonizes. In the outer regions near the beach, entertainment and lodging places are mushrooming and strangers crowded beach dress. Although located on an island far from the centers of human life, complete berbagaifasilitas available here. Including cafes and hot spots. Of course also many shops selling daily necessities and needs of marine tourism, such as diving and snorkeling equipment.
Somewhat into the little nuances of a typical village of Gili who feels sticky. Although there are many foreign tourists, in the township was a lot of simple food stalls, mosques, houses the cabin, and the cattle are allowed to ruminate freely on a wide lawn. So tourist beaches, hills, and also the nuances of the village, as well as could be felt in the Gili Islands.
Interestingly again, no motorized vehicles on Gili. Everyone cycling-tourists-or rented for a ride Cidomo or gig, which is the traditional mode of transportation. Most people choose to walk, because this small island surrounded most only take about two hours. Or maybe more, if often stopping to enjoy the beaches at every corner Gili different characters with each other.

By: Syifa Amori

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