Friday, July 23, 2010

Feast Under the Moon Light


Bau nyale, sacred tradition that brings the warmth of togetherness, so one of the natural and cultural tourism destination

Kuta Beach in the courtyard outside the hotel Novotel Lombok Tengah just seemed quiet-quiet. The wind was breezy and beach decor and equipped with a cot for sunbathing Bale made the atmosphere in the region more peaceful and romantic. However, the main goal is not to sit down to enjoy the atmosphere of Kuta Lombok beach at night, but out of the hotel area and crossed a little to the other side diramaikan thousands of human beings.

Seger is along the Kuta coast, southern coast of Central Lombok, which is packed with thousands of people, the middle of the night, Friday (5 thirds). Hundreds of tents that had been prepared since a few days earlier stood lined coast is crowded landscape of rolling hills. Meatball sort Store food, satay, until the stall that sells rice wrap and a light snack hungry trying to offer relief for those who stay overnight oarng.

Bau nyale Festival is already a tradition among people in Lombok, and even in Java. Every year, between February and March-are still in the rainy season, people come in droves to Seger Beach is located in the village of Kuta, District Pujut, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

In fact, heading into this area, visitors also have to pass through conflict-prone areas in the region Ketare Village, Praya, Central Lombok. For this reason, many visitors choose to leave for Seger Kuta Beach when it was still light, or are in the same group-the same car to the location
Bau nyale. Although stressful, it all goes smoothly and safely. Thousands of people came up with a variety of vehicles (motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, and buses) for the same reason, witness and capture nyale.

Nyale is a name people of Lombok to the kind of marine worms (anelida polycaetae) that appears once a year on the southern coast of Lombok Island. This multicolored worms like washed up spilled water meets the shore. Crowded nature of light makes the procession Odor (gear) nyale have their own uniqueness. The reason these worms came out only a few hours, starting at four o'clock in the morning and would soon disappear and / or death during the sunrise.
With flashlights and nets or other container that can be used to contain worms, thousands of festival participants will flood the beach side and shouted boisterous catch worms that small size of the index finger up.

Unlike earthworms, nyale have attractive colors and lively movements, such as eels. Animals green, orange, to red, and brown will be energetic in moving water in a container haul.

"Texture fragile body so easily broken and melting together of sea water if too hard is held or if exposed to sunlight. So he went missing the morning, "said Thoriq Bafadal, one particular resident who came with his family from the area and Mataram, Praya.

In addition to agriculture is believed to enrich the soil as fertilizer, as people say when interviewed, Anelida sea is also believed to have high protein content so much as bring it home to processed food Pepes. In fact, not infrequently also got him to swallow it so directly on the sea.

Bau nyale Festival is an event of national standards which are now organized local government. So do not be surprised if this billboard on the festival staged on the sides of the highway in the town of Mataram Lombok and other areas since the far-distant days.

In its opening night, several government officials and police also came to inaugurate. Especially in the beginning of the ceremony with showing dihelat Mandalika Princess theatrical legend. An origins story nyale.

Mandalika daughter is a folklore that developed in the southern part of Central Lombok district, precisely at pujut community, district included in Lombok Regency Central. Even though the more famous is the myth about the nyale changes its form, this story actually has high moral values. That is about sacrifice and putting the interests of the people.

In the show that night, a group of performers restate Mandalika glimpse the famous story of the Princess with the beauty, wisdom and goodness of his heart. Because that's excess, she became the prince of seizure many small kingdoms on Lombok. Princess Mandalika contested until almost spilling blood caused a civil war.

Could be because this is the sanctity of her heart, then turmoil Mandalika Princess heard by the ruler of the unseen. He then posed and get a revelation about a place and time. Then invited back Mandalika Princess princes who want mempersuntingnya to come at the meeting on 20, 10-month in Sasak calendar.

People and also members of the royal family Princess Mandalika come when he set Seger Kuta Beach, Lombok Tengah. Prince along with his people to meet each one exactly in the coastal region as the sun had not risen.

"O Princess Mandalika, you are no longer worthy of setting foot on earth. You've been missed the freedom of the seas. Come away with us, "so the audio sounds made semistik possible accompanied by the recording waves.

Between amused and intrigued, hundreds of spectators who sit on the sand watching this spectacle actually respond dramatization rejoice over the outdoor stage. The party officials who sit on chairs under a tent guests also enjoy the dish is visible smile.

In her story, Princess Mandalika who ascended to the rocks and plunged into the sea to sacrifice himself for the benefit of all citizens. In the sequel, he later resurfaced in the form nyale community every year and utilized for agricultural needs. In addition, reportedly also used to dry grain foods, side dishes, and more.

By watching the results of this Mandalika Princess incarnation, thousands of people flock to spend the night at Kuta Beach. There are already occupied since the afternoon with a favorite point of the base mat. Until the night comes too, there are still many people who lay down to sleep and rest here and there. Even so, law enforcement authorities continue to watch closely looked here and there in order to maintain discipline and security.

When the cold winds began to increase, indicating the coming of morning, the waves began to rise as well calling the crowd to start "hunting" nyale. Viewed from above the hills, the crowd by lighting each into stunning scenery that leaves a deep impression. Not to mention the cheers of happiness when buffeted by high waves and is now managed to capture many nyale.

Many people greeted each other and suddenly familiar with the show nyale in drinks bottles and their nets. There are flashlights, and also willing to share the catch. Amid the cold sea winds, it was precisely there that the weather warmth coursed through his chest in a crowd under the bright moon that night.

By:Syifa Amori

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