Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paradise of wildlife adventure (Biak)

Biak is still a relatively unexplored island as far as flora and fauna are concerned and is designated (along with nearby Superiori Island) as a Nature Reserve. Although the rainforest has been disturbed by war during recent history, without regular observance of its natural history there are ,almost surely, new species to be discovered. It is a unique place with at least seven endemic bird species; a paradise for birdwatchers and you could still be lucky enough to see all the endemics and a lot more in one day.

 There is plenty of very reasonably priced hotel accommodation to suit all pockets and car hire is also possible. To make things much easier you can also hire a car with a driver and guide. Boat trips can be arranged from the Padaido Hotel  to the offshore islands and longer trips to Yapen and Numfor are also possible. However it is possible to reach Yapen by air. A trip through the coral reefs is also worth taking for those who may wish to see the Blue-spotted Rays, lobsters and other tropical fish.

Hooded Pitta
Pitta sordida
Geelvink Pygmy Parrot
Micropsitta geelvinkiana
Sacred Kingfisher
Halcyon sancta
Black-backed Butcher Bird
Cracticus mentalis
Metallic Starling
Aplonis metallica
Claret-breasted Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus viridis
Geelvink Pygmy Parrot
Micropsitta geelvinkiana
Biak Paradise Kingfisher
Tanysiptera galatea
Long-tailed Starling
Aplonis magna
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Bird Watching Biak

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