Friday, September 3, 2010

Gili Trawangan,Dangerously beutiful

there is a phrase which is quite popular for people in Lombok and surrounding areas, is associated with how they really looked at the positive identity. The phrase is more or less like this, "In Bali we can not melfliat Lombok, but we can see Bali in Lombok." A simple phrase but it has meaning so broad.

Calibaration have calibaration why until exit phrase is, in fact all it has to do with the cultural mix to be found on Lombok. Because, Lombok, known as "Thousand Island Mosque", has a mix of ancient Javanese culture, Balinese, and Sasak, native tribe in pulautersebut. By the fact that developing kerana associated with these expressions
Besides having a unique culture, Lombok is also known to have many captivating sights. Potential of making a view of nature and diversity of Lombok is calculated as a tourism destination in the homeland or abroad. Call it how the beauty of Senggigi and Kuta, waterfalls Sendang Mad Senaru Village which is believed by some residents can cure diseases and make Thematic young.

See also how to challenge the natural scenery at the peak of Mount Rinjani, which memilikidanau Segara Anak with less water (heat) it. In Rinjani even tourists can witness the beautiful natural panorama enough, in addition to entering several caves such as Goa Susu, Goa Park, and Omar Maya Baths.

Of the many tourist attraction. owned Lombok, there are three small islands located to the west and has now come to be excellent tourism on the island whose inhabitants are known to be very religious, it is the three islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Each island has white sandy beaches with charming nan sejemih crystal waters.
Not only that, the sea was decorated with coral rocks and colorful beranekaikan. Such conditions create a distance of three islands adjacent to it, became the best snorkeling on Lombok. Most tourists who come to the island consists of young age. Of course, their arrival to this island because of the attraction of sun, snorkeling, and beautiful beaches.
The atmosphere on the island that can be achieved approximately 1.5 hours by speedboat or ferry from Benoa Harbour in Bali Island, famous for its variety of beauty is not only a panorama of the sea. But more than that. Waters in the Gili islands is also known as a playground for green turtles, stingrays, clownfish and sharks coral which looks very monumental.
The perpetrators of tourism in Bali for example, know exactly how much potential Gili Trawangan. After Senggigi Beach attraction gradually reduced his charm, they also create a new tourist route by directing tourists who come to Bali to Gili Trawangan, through direct trip using the ferry or speedboat from Benoa Harbour. A breakthrough is quite powerful. Gili Trawangan is now proven to already have a place in the hearts of tourists.
"PartyIsland"Admittedly, the diversity of life that is very exotic marine biota supported in sekililingnya clear water, the main attraction of the island known as the Party Island is dansangat suited to be a party place for the tourists visiting

the island.

The reality is Gili Trawangan has become a beautiful place and has a manicured beach in Lombok. Not only that, to support the concept as the Party Island, not far from the shoreline will find quite a lot of places to eat in the form of bars and restaurants that would spoil the tongue visitors. Tourists can with a lobster dinner while enjoying the scenery out to sea is captivating. In addition, tourists will have no trouble finding any dive shop, restaurant, boutique resorts, bungalows, and hotels for their lodgings.

With all the comfort that has been provided, Gili Trawangan is now turned into a maritime tourist attraction that promises for the future of tourism in addition to Senggigi Beach Lombok. This tourist attraction has now become a popular place-ta tourists on the island of Lombok. Travellers who visited Gili Trawangan, not only can feel the beauty of the beach with white sand. They will be spoiled by other attractions such as diving, snorkeling, surfing.frisbee, or simply bask to make the skin becomes warm.

No less wonderful it is while watching the sunset (sunset) back to peraduannya from Gili Trawangan Beach area. Quite a few tourists who wait moments and try to immortalize it through a camcorder or camera that they were carrying accidentally. Gili Trawangan Beach was presented with the beauty of it all that difficult to express through words. Radiant Tuscan sunlight seemed to deliberately invite tourists stare at its beauty. 

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