Friday, September 3, 2010

Togean Islands,a beautiful deserted island of Indonesia

Have you ever imagined being stuck in an amazing archipelago far away from almost everything?

Most people who visit Sulawesi usually go to see the funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja or dive in the Bunaken Islands. If you are planning to go to Sulawesi again or for the first time, please allow yourself to visit the Togean Islands. It is going to be an experience that “You won’t forget”.
Situated in the gulf of Tomini off the coast of Central Sulawesi, Togean Islands consist of 56 pristine coral and volcanic islands and islets.
Sunset at Kadidiri Island

The surrounding coral reefs support a rich, diverse marine life while life over the surface, the people, consists of around seven ethnic groups.
Formed by volcanic activity, the islands are covered by lush rainforests and surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. If you love diving, the Togeans are the only place in Indonesia where you can find all major reef types in the same place; atoll, barrier and fringing reefs.
Kadidiri Island - A Hidden Gem Paradise
Togean Islands are pretty difficult and exhausting to reach, however it’s really worth the effort.

There are 3 ways to get to the islands:

  • From Gorontalo, take a boat that only departs every Wednesday evening at 10 pm.
  • From Ampana, Central Sulawesi; take a boat that departs 4 times a week, or
  • From Marisa, North Sulawesi; take a chartered motorboat, which is relatively more expensive than the first two options.
The major islands that you must visit in Togean Islands:
    Kadidiri Island It is the center of tourism in Togean Islands. The island also has glassy waters, perfect beach, reasonable cottage prices and superb snorkelling just off the coast. FYI, on the island, the electricity runs only from 8 am until 9 pm. Togean Islands
  • Batu Daka Island
    Bata Daka Island is the biggest island and the one easiest to reach. There are 2 villages in the island, Bomba and Wakai. Bomba is one of the most beautiful places in Togean area. Aside from diving & snorkelling, you can also visit the bat cave (with a local guide of course).
    Waiki is the departure points for boats connecting to Kadidiri Island. In this village, you can buy some basic groceries, such as instant noodles, cookies and bottled water.
  • Taipi Island
    It is a little circle-shaped island, excellent for snorkelling. You can snorkel around the entire island in approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Diving at the Togean Islands
  • Una Una Island
    Una Una Island is a remote volcanic island with beautiful beaches. It is a superb place for deep-diving however the island is hard to reach. Located about 30km away from the nearest island, there is no public transportation to go to this island; you need to rent a speedboat from Kadidiri Island.
  • Boliangga Island
    Boliangga Island is a very small island surrounded by sharp corals where the waters are shallow. However, the view from the hill of the island is magnificent
Check this video of  Togean Islands

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