Sunday, October 24, 2010

cheng beng tradition and walk around Medan city

April of 2009, my family and I went to Medan. Our whole family went with the intention to pray for our ancestors or commonly called tradition Cheng beng. Every once a year, we are enjoined to continue the tradition in ini.Memang sound a bit old, but the name of tradition should be maintained so as not to become extinct. Not only animals that could become extinct, even if not a tradition we preserve will certainly disappear. Fortunately my filial piety towards parents.Even we don't want to but certainly must to do,it is mandatory.^_^

My hometown was in the depths of Pakam, not far from the city of Medan. I live in Lubuk Pakam for 4 days and 3 nights. The first day was an exhausting day of having to prepare equipment and supplies to pray to the ancestral cemetery. The second day I woke up at 5 am. The plan went to the cemetery early so much cooler atmosphere. Understandably if the evening time, the atmosphere closely like a hell.Really-really hottttt....

but i really enjoy it this ceremony..I really like from Lubuk Pakam is food.Because i ate alot of delicious food.whiches like nooodle,kwetiau,Padang rice...really yummy,full of B2(a.k.a Pork meat) .he2222...

day 3 ,I was just visiting relatives from his mother's side. Just walk just because the location of the house of brothers with one another not too far away.

day 4 I just make a plan went to Medan city by Damri Bus.This is the local bus that i like it.Because not too crowded and also clean. The aproximate time from Lubuk Pakam to Medan take 45 minute. Stick the plan i already went to Medan at 06.30. Confuse where to go, I just sitting and eat some bread also order a couple of tea at Tip Top cafe.

Share a little story about Tip Top Restaurant/  Or we call Nostalgia Restaurant
Nostalgia Restaurant was first established in 1929 in Medan Merdeka Square Restaurant name Jangkie. Then in 1934 moved into place now and changed its name to Tip Top Restaurant.
Renowned for its own refined pastries are still using stone oven as pemanggangnya, this restaurant also comes with a variety of western dishes and local food favorites such as ham & egg fried rice which is one of our favorites.

 Address: Jalan A. Yani (Kesawan)Tel No: n / aPrice: Rp. 10,000 - Rp. 50.000

 the story will recontinue ok. Don't miss it ^_^

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