Thursday, October 28, 2010

In a hurry with the current time in Medan

Sorry a few days do not write because Jakarta will having a super big Waterboom "joke"causing traffic jams and water everywhere.Because of the rain yesterday I had to go to the doctor because of fever. I really like to say deepest
condolence for nature Tragedic on Merapi and the Mentawai disaster. Please pray for all the family to remain steadfast.

The last day of my time in the field is really small. Just imagine I must be on at 6:00 pm airport because the plane which I was riding would soon depart at 7.00pm. I samapai in the city of Medan by bus Damri. I'm so glad this bus because it is fast and cheap price of about rp 3.500/per people. Up in Medan, I along with my brothers breakfast at Tip-Top in the street Kesawan. After that visit the house Tjong Afie. Why do I come there, because according to stories in that house there is something odd.You'll be guest...right!he.....22....something scare story but i didn't believe that is true or not.The important thing is i must go to visit it. I entered this house at 10.00 in the morning. Pricelist ticket for visit this house is little bit expensive. Where ever this house closely related  with Medan City and Sultan (Prince of Medan Empire). Several time i taken a picture inside and outside their home. This house really amazing, have a unique architecthure between holland and chinese long time ago.I also had the opportunity to see the bedroom of his late wife Tjong afei. but i but unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos in this room.

after satisfied photographed ria. I am looking for good food. In this field I do not forget to taste the durian food from durian home made. Soo famous place especialy for Durian. the taste is very sweet and guaranteee you will eat much.he222

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