Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fishing at Pulau Abang, Galang (Batam teritory)

Quick compete with Bite Tenggiri

As well as the beauty of coral reefs, islands Abang also visited by many fishing enthusiasts. Species of fish such as grouper, red snapper, red sand and mackerel many live there.

"The target Spanish mackerel fishing," said Ardika Kusuma, anglers from the International Fishing Tackle (IFT) in Jakarta. Ardika come all the way from Jakarta to Batam, just for fishing. He was fishing in many places. Especially in the area of a thousand islands, Jakarta.

Then, on Tuesday morning last week, the early morning, Ardika, Mohamad Rendra Wilianto of Batam and Batam Pos Fishing Club, went to the island Abang. Abang Island destination because there is famous for its fishing tenggirinya. If lucky, can get mackerel weighing 7 pounds.

From the intersection Barelang Abang journey to the island begins with a drive of about half an hour, passing the six bridges. Then turn right, past the dragon fruit plantation. At the end of the road there is mediator Pak Hashim. It was there already waiting for the boat that would take us fishing the waters of the island Abang.
Abdul Rahmat, 37, Abang island fishermen, who will take us to the place of Spanish mackerel fishing has been prepared since morning. We ride pompong, outboard-engine boat, measuring 40 PK. Premium fuel as much as we prepare 50 liters of Batam.
It was quiet. Sea calm, almost without waves. Pompong sped out to sea, past the small islands in Galang. Nearly ten minutes of driving, we feel the wave-tossed mengombang pompong. But Abdul Rahmat has experienced. Pompong proceeded to break the waves, lively tilt to the right and left.

We headed FADs of Abdul Rahmat. That's where we'll be fishing mackerel. Of course fishing is not just above the FADs, but in the vicinity. Nearly a half hour drive, FADs Abdul Rahmat plastic bottles marked with visible from afar.
We stopped a few meters away from the FADs. Waves big enough, with a flow that is also quite strong. "Fishing mackerel do have in place a fast-flowing," said Rahmat with a Malay accent, thick.
Rahmat asked Rendra lower hook, to fish tamban. Fish with scales and fine prickly it will be used as bait fishing mackerel. Just a few seconds, hook Rendra tamban already full of fish. Once adopted, five fish tamban interested.
Five times Rendra tamban fishing. If there had been five hook, hook tambannya now reduced in half. Apparently, the fish catches Renda tamban mackerel struck before he pulled into the boat. "That mark on the bottom of many tenggirinya," he said.
Ardika, Rendra and Rahmad lower hook. For several minutes, none of them met mackerel hook. Rahmat who broke the deadlock is that. His hands moved quickly, pulling the thread pointed bitten berkail mackerel. He smiled as mackerel weighing approximately 500 grams are in hand.
Fishing mackerel, said Rahmat, must be smart. Hands should not be lost quickly with the mackerel. If so choked up, then the thread will break bitten mackerel. Although the hook is embedded in, mackerel can escape because threads bitten off its sharp teeth. Carnivorous fish, including mackerel and very sharp teeth.

What is disclosed Rahmad have a point. Bait Rendra already devoured out mackerel, do not necessarily make kailnya to fruition. Mackerel bait away because not only tamban a bite, but the yarn over the hook was also bitten off.
New fed two, hook Rendra to fruition. Larger mackerel eat the bait. He quickly pulled, the curved pole tool. New Rendra actually smiled when a mackerel flounder in the fish storage boxes.
But on Tuesday morning fishing is more loss. There are about ten mackerel tail off, thanks to the thread broke. There's even a tenggirinya run when they want to be appointed to the boat. That means ten hook also vanished brought mackerel.

"It's really not our fate today. Tenggirinya really smart, "said Rahmat.

Not satisfied at one FADs, the boat then moved to the other FADs. But another natural speaking. Big wave hit. We went back to Batam.
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