Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy Coral Reefs, Fish Abundant

Coral reefs become a refuge and spawning fish and other marine biota.

Rahmat, Nadar, and Jamaluddin can now smile and live with their families in peace. Most residents who live on the island of Abang, Kota Batam, Riau Islands, it is claimed now feel more comfortable because there was no sound of bomb blast few years ago had terrorized and create anxiety.

Grace (42 years) tells the story, three years ago is still often heard the sound of explosions from homemade bombs outside the region's fishermen are looking for certain types of fish. The bomb destroyed the colonies of coral reefs and kill small fish. Big fish was unconscious and floating in the sea, making it easy Dragnet. There is also a spread poison cyanide for fish tipsy and easily rounded up. Fish populations began to decline.

This island since 2004 to target the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (Coremap) Phase II or Program Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Phase II. This long-term program initiated by the Government of Indonesia (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries together with relevant agencies) and foreign aid with the aim to protect, rehabilitate, and sustainably use coral reefs to improve the welfare of coastal communities.

"Before there Coremap here, we do not realize how important the existence of coral reefs. We also have not coordinated and do not dare to fight poachers who bombed reef fish. Now, we dare to fight together and reported the destruction of coral into the security forces," said Jamaludin (40) from South Sulawesi who was born and raised on the island of Abang. His grandfather and father also born on the island.

The father of two children was admitted pretty fishing using small boats to get high-priced fish in the sea around the home stage. Since two years ago, along with the neighbors, he received guidance membudi way power grouper with a simple floating cages.

Black grouper price of about Rp 30,000 per kg, while the red grouper could reach Rp 100,000 per kg. If the Chinese New Year, the price can be doubled.

Revenue also increased so that fishermen could repair the house and send their children up to Tanjung Pinang or Batam. Some of them like building a house in town, complete with ceramic floor and sink. Various electronic equipment they already have.

Two businessmen to build an ice factory to keep the fish fresh. Employers were also purchased fish fisherman catches for export to Singapore and Malaysia.

SP / TP Sumedi

Fishers Island Abang together catching fish in the zone

Special Zones

Island area of six square miles is surrounded by several small islands, among others Petong, Erythrina variegata, Ghost, Pengerlap, and Coconut. Most beaches still found the mangrove ecosystem. The island can be reached about an hour away by boat from Pulau Galang motor is now a beautiful village pilot sites and frequently visited by tourists. They can be fishing in the special zone, enjoy fresh fish, and dive heart's content.

Types of fish are found, among other small opening, mullet, yellow tail, lencing, red sand, red snapper, areca nut, bloated, and cuttlefish (squid). Fishermen used to rent a boat and take people fishing in the sea of calm blue wavy den. Residents can rent out her room and drive around the island. The flow of diesel power plants and other sources of clean water is available, complete with showers, laundry, toilet.

Abang Island Village has a number of households 411 households or 1488 people, with 350 fishing households or the number of fishing households 649 inhabitants. Other residents have a variety of livelihoods, including farming, trade, and civil servants or private. Most homes are on the edge of the sea, even in part is above sea connected by wooden bridges.

Many fishermen have their own boats and are usually parked under the house. With a small motor boat, they could lure into the sea and sell fish, and travel to other islands. Some fishermen also been able membudi grouper power of high quality although still in a simple and in small quantities. Required capital, seeds, technology, and knowledge sufficient for expanding cultivation.

In addition to realize the importance of coral reefs, mangrove forests and other ecosystems, Coremap teach alternative employment for residents can get additional revenue. Kamisah (32) and Saripah (25) for example, together with other mothers to form groups of fish cracker maker. They get a capital of USD 5 million to buy cooking equipment and raw fish.

Youth groups make handicrafts made from shells. They also create an artificial reef colonies (transplants) planted using cement dead coral.

Artificial reef was deployed at some point and are now reaping the rewards because it is becoming overgrown with coral real. They have to wait long for the corals broke back and grow a lot.

If the corals grow and expand, will become a refuge and breeding various species of fish. Will grow, so too colorful coral seabed to be beautiful and desirable tourists.

If fish is more and more fishermen were benefited. Fish are easy to obtain and can be selected types of high-priced to sell. Well-protected environment, abundant fish, the fishermen were prosperous.

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